How to Choose a Bathrobe?

How to choose a ladies’ bathrobe

The idea of a bath zachumláte into the soft, warm robe, will thrill every woman. We are women, but not only that, we faced the cold, but we want to feel good and to enjoy it. Spouse, partner, children themselves … So how do you proceed when choosing a gown? It is important that we know what to expect from this product where it will carry out what material suits us most completely. All gowns that you will find, however, have one thing in common: they are comfortable, luxurious and extremely high quality. Dressing gowns could be divided into thin, designed for warm summer days when you do them schoulíme after we leave the pool or want to relax on the beach after frolicking in the sea. At the touch stronger bathrobes body indulge in the pleasures of warm, soothing heat. Ideal home after a bath or when we are overcome by the desire to laze, relax and nenastydnout. Regarding the weight of our products, ranging from 380 to 750 gr / m2.

According to cut
When buying a robe it is important to focus on the material from which the gown sewn, and also on his cut. Summer gowns, designed primarily to be worn out, have the lowest weight, tend to be short, without a hood. Some of them are equipped with pockets, others are adorned with delicate embroidery. On his then come the women pragmatic and romantic.

If we want a bathrobe, which is wonderful resting at home, eats and relaxes, we can be pampered with a luxurious, romantic, ornate gowns with gorgeous embroidery and imaginative, yet tasteful lace. Some women prefer shorter, lighter gowns, calmly and with a hood or a comfortable shawl collar . Others love those who are hotter, longer and have pockets.

Many of us are dressed in a bathrobe directly in pajamas or nightgown: in this case a rather generous cut. This does not mean that it should be at the expense of design – and even if it was quite possible! Whether it’s any execution, all the gowns of our offer are trendy and luxurious finish. So comfortable decoration home wardrobe for every woman at every age.

By material

At bathrobes probably most appreciate the fact that warm, are absorbent, most considerate to our skin and lend us a sense of comfort and relaxation.Women who suffer eczema or extremely sensitive skin, undoubtedly welcome in our offer hypoallergenic and antibacterial performance. We are talking mainly about dressing gowns bamboo fiber and are also suitable for allergy sufferers. The most commonly used materials include 100% combed cotton, bamboo fiber, micro cotton, modal fiber and more. All in excellent quality. Was extraordinary material can rightly be considered superior bamboo fiber, where it ranks forty percent share of bamboo in its category for top products. The remaining 60% is accounted for on this bamboo fiber combed 100% cotton.
Bamboo fiber absorbs humidity 4 times better and more thoroughly than cotton itself, does not rub against, do not form lumps in it even though it will often worn and washed, still preserves its excellent performance and appearance properties. Chemicals and pesticides are not necessary for the growth of bamboo, so the resulting material does not contain toxins, which are often irritating to the skin. Bamboo fiber is extremely fine and silky skin in contact with him literally bloom!

By color
Almost without exception, we offer bathrobes decently monochromatic, ignoring embroidery or lace inserts and decorations, but they usually match the basic material tone on tone. White, cream, pink, ivory, pale yellow, pale blue: these are the most common shades to choose from. Many of the gowns can be combined with other products in the same range, perhaps with towels or delightful slippers. Some gowns are packed in luxury boxes, so I glance it is clear that this is a sumptuous fabrics that will please every woman. Whether you choose any gown, believe that perfect design, materials, fit and design will enchant you to the point that you’ll never want another.

How to choose a men’s bathrobe

Although men have a love of adventure, despite or perhaps because of, also they like to relax. And why not in a comfortable, luxurious robe that made them naturally induces a pleasant feeling of relaxation and well-being?
by material
Velvety cut cotton, combed cotton, bamboo fiber, modal fiber, micro cotton – is precisely for these materials reached for manufacturers of attractive men’s dressing gowns that we have in our offer, mostly.

Micro cotton fibers (cotton micro) have higher absorbency and better retain color fastness. Relax with a good book with a cup of coffee, watch television an exciting sporting event, seen after a dip in the sea epic sunset – to the men and they really enjoyed pleasant moments, it is necessary to feel relaxed. So why nezahalit body into extremely high quality robe?
By color
While women’s bathrobes are offered mainly in gentle, pastel colors, men have a choice of tones rather rich, darker, stronger. Some gowns are proužkaté, others resemble sailor style thanks to the embroidery on the collar and sleeves, others have shawl collar in an interesting contrast color.

  • according to cut

Short or long, all belted, with a collar, most with pockets – and yet every one meet challenging ideas about how to look truly luxurious, high-quality bathrobe.

Some can be combined with other products in the same design line, which includes mainly towel, bath towel, slippers and bath mats and. Others can be ordered directly in glorious gift boxes. Very popular they are also the partner gowns. Men’s and women differ mainly in color.

May we have when choosing a lucky hand and felt in our bathrobes pampered …

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