How to Choose a Brooch

Brooch, though somewhat forgotten accessory can be a great addition to your outfit. Used with finesse and skill combined with other jewelry reflects individual style brings uniqueness.Different shapes, design and method of attachment predrazpolat to multiple interpretations.Unleash their imagination – choose the right model and add to playfully tease your vision.

Brooches, badges and medals, can be defined as heirs fibula occurring during the Bronze Age.Made mostly of bronze and iron, was used to fasten and decorate clothing. A richly ornamented and inlaid patterns made of silver and gold, showed material wealth and social status. Different types of fibulae are important for the dating of archaeological monuments. Often found in burials as part of the clothing and decoration of the deceased.

Today brooch is one of accessories characterized by functionality and practicality-can be worn on the lapel, shoulder or bust attached to a tiara in her hair or on a ribbon around the neck. Put it on her shawl or accent on the bag, hat, portomone sleeves, jewelry, boots. There are no limits in its use. Eksperimentirayte boldly, taking into account only two brief rules.

Consider The Material Of Which is Made Brooch:

Depending on the material from which they are made, brooches may be more severe or relatively mild. Remember as a general rule-the finer and lighter the fabric on which to place it, the light must be it. One of the reasons why some people avoid brooches is hurting matter with the attachment pin. Clothes made from wool, cotton, lace, tricot difficult to be damaged, but satin, suede, leather are easily vulnerable. The following articles will give you interesting ideas for potential solutions to this problem.

Brooches are one of the jewels most reflecting the style and character of the owner. They are large and dramatic or small and simple to be shiny, reflective and shimmering movement. They are a perfect gift since there is no need to select a particular size.

It is better not to overdo the choice of accessories. Putting focusing brooch is very important what kind of earrings and necklaces complement it. If you are presenting to an audience, try to avoid large and vibrant jewelry, attracting the attention of viewers. They distracted and diverted their attention from your words.

Consider The First Balanirashta Point:

Usually, the best location brooch in the facial area on the bust or around the shoulders. Do you remember how you define the balancing point? Recall from our article necklace-what to remember and know when you choose I .

Avoid accidental disposal of brooches-it is not attractive and does not cause interest. Put the brooch on the oval line drawn from the first balancing point. In the business community has accepted this accessory to be worn close to the face, so to provoke the eyes of the interlocutor.You can vary the way you wear your brooch, her group with one or two or lift it high over his shoulder.

Use brooch as an element with which to direct or divert the eye to a particular part of your body. This is a quirk useful when you do not like any of its features or want to balance the disproportionate lengths. For girls with broad shoulders, a group of several pins arranged in an oval path starting from the lowest point of the facial area and up to shoulder will reduce the visual space between the neck and shoulders.

Expect more curious tricks in our next article! Tell us-you wear brooches, what design you prefer and you made them yourself? It will be interesting to hear your opinion.