How to Choose a Formal Shirt

Symbol of elegance, the shirt is a staple in men’s wardrobes.That it be brought in a ceremony, a job interview or office every day, it is one of the pillars of the locker room of every man.  It is thus desirable to have at least some formal shirts of quality in its wardrobe.

Not to get lost in the plethora of ready-to-wear current, Artist Office has concocted a synthetic guide on the essential elements to know in order to choose.

How to Recognize Quality Shirt?

Naturally, everything starts with the material and ends with the finish.

the Fabric

Cotton over

According to MENSSHIRTSSHOP, a formal shirt for man is always crafted in 100% cotton fabric, natural material, breathable and resistant.The most beautiful cottons come from Egypt and the Caribbean where the climate allows the cultivation of varieties of fiber length guarantees fineness, softness and strength.

To increase the strength of a wire, high-end weavers intertwine two single son together to give birth to a stronger and silky thread that calls “two-ply” . Another fabric quality indicator is the titration, corresponding to the number of son by fabric book. The higher it is, the more son used are thin, so more the fabric is quality. Located mostly between 60 and 100 ready-to-wear, titration can rise to nearly 300. At this level, the fabric is incredibly fine, but crumples at the slightest twist.

Choosing Office Artist: All our fabrics are made ​​of Egyptian cotton, guarantee of quality and strength, and  have titrations 120 double twisted, that ensure high quality and nice shirts everyday.

The fiber cloth

Once the yarn package consisting comes the stage of weaving. The various existing armor used to build tissue in varied aspects, including poplin (the classic is ideal for use in formal settings), the oxford (thicker, often used for casual way, but also finds its place in the office) and twill (original by its oblique construction, we note its bright appearance) .

Choosing Office Artist: our shirts are all made ​​with the tissues of houses Albini and Thomas Mason, known worldwide for their expertise in more than three centuries. By choosing poplin and oxford, we have chosen to focus on a timeless chic and elegant.


If beautiful finishes are not automatically guaranteed a high quality shirt, we see more often if they are of good standard, the fabric and the cut are often in the same line.

The seams

First quality index: the regularity and precision stitching. If these are straight and that the fabric does not pucker, it’s a good point. Then observe the density of points: the more points centimeter, the lower seam is likely to drop and the overall look of the shirt is neat. The average loan-to-wear is around 5 points per centimeter. Beyond that, you are in the presence of good quality clothing.

Choosing Office Artist: our shirts are all sewn with 7 points per centimeter. A choice dictated as much by the strength that made ​​by the elegance .


While casual shirts can wear wooden or horn buttons, formal shirts they must be equipped with more traditional buttons that will be plastic or nacre. Natural material, the pearl has discrete and elegant sheen, but has a major drawback: the price. The most beautiful pearl buttons “Mother of Pearl” and can cost several euros each. Plastic is an alternative quite acceptable, but stay away from the buttons too basic colors that are irrelevant, if not a real strength .Purists will appreciate their stitched buttons “zampa di gallina” (chicken leg).

Choosing Office Artist: our buttons are a mixture of pearl powder and polyester, a compromise that does not explode the price of our shirts and prevents unpleasant surprise to the button that breaks due to too thin nacre.Sewing “zampa di gallina” will be noticed by connoisseurs.

The neck

It must be rigid, that is to say not move even when you are in motion (this is the role of the interlining). Prefer shirts including whales (those little stand that lie under the collar) are removable, remove them before washing will increase the life of your shirt.

Choosing Office Artist: an interlining quality and removable stays, enough to keep your neck impeccable even after many washes.