How to Choose a Good Umbrella

Of course, that nature has no bad weather. But in rainy days with this statement I want to bet. Particularly in thecase where the arm is not umbrella.

Today the choice of umbrellas is so diverse that navigate in the models themselves hard enough. Is it worth to focus on the price? What should be material? In the end, how to choose an umbrella?

Kinds of Umbrellas

The first thing you need to do is to determine the most convenient mechanism.
Mechanical umbrella opened and closed manually. We need to strive for full disclosure and down the dome. One of the most popular models of mechanical umbrella – lounge-cane. Although there are folding umbrellas with manual control.

Advantages of Mechanical Umbrella:
  • Structural strength. This umbrella will serve a long time. The most durable and resilient, are considered walking-stick: in their projects less detail, and, so, less fragile iznashivaemыh compounds;
  • Style. Most often with hand gear made just walking-stick. Good walking-stick looks very elegant.


  • Not very convenient to go out with him in lodgings with bags or bag in one hand when you need to open an umbrella quickly and without additional efforts;
  • Walking-stick, because of their size, they are particularly suitable to explore peaceful walks.

Semi-automatic umbrella. Highlighting the advantages of such a mechanism is quite difficult: it is not a machine, but it is not a mechanical umbrella. Most likely, his advantage over automatic umbrellas is at a lower price. Compared with mechanical umbrellas he won easier way disclosure of the dome.
Automatic umbrella opens after pressing the button. The advantages of this umbrella obvious, but there are disadvantages associated with very small parts. If they are made ​​of cheap low-quality materials umbrella will break down sooner than worn key details of its construction.
Double machine and opens and closes the umbrella pressing a button. Very handy model, but expensive. Moreover, the selection of such umbrellas special attention should be paid to material production because iznashivaemosty small details in Zonta double machine several times higher than in mechanical or semi Zonta.
What better umbrella – solving buyer. Umbrellas mechanical is cheaper, and it is advisable to buy the children who often lose their things and leave them in the school locker room. Automatic umbrella and lounge with double automatic mechanism perfectly emphasize the high status of the holder.
Also the choice of the umbrella depends on the material of the dome. In the production of the most expensive umbrellas used fabrics from a mixture of polyester with cotton, and in the cheapest models most commonly used nylon. The best umbrella – the one surface that remains absolutely dry even in heavy rain. Dome of such umbrellas are made of fabric.

How to Choose an Umbrella for Men and Women?

Spokes and male umbrella rod can be made of steel, it is much more solid aluminum, and even in strong wind. But weighs umbrella so be larger.
In the production of female umbrellas are used primarily aluminum – this material much lighter than steel and aluminum umbrella not  hand.
The most advanced (and expensive), umbrellas made of fiberglass. This material is lightweight, rugged and suitable for both women and men.