How to Choose a Man’s Wallet

Simple and effective, here are two words that should guide you in choosing a male wallet. Men love practical accessories and always will prefer the functionality and aesthetics. Rest assured, the thought elegant and property portfolios are many in your Lacoste store. Before you go in search of the perfect model, better to have an idea of ​​its ideal room. Detail all the essential characteristics of a well-chosen portfolio.

A life preserved by the quality

An ally on which it can rely for years. It is a little handbag male version. The man prevails everywhere with him, the slips in his pocket jeans or blazer and pulls each tour and bars, sometimes for a nice bouquet of flowers. Surviving so many emotions requires a foolproof resistance. Therefore prefer the portfolios, including Lacoste, are entirely designed cowhide leather on the outside and inside. Map (s) Credit (s) and tickets will be protected and the style will be magnified.

As many formats as of uses

The first question to ask about the format is: what use has he to do? If he never takes bags, and it is rather minimalist about accessories, better to choose a square portfolio (€ 75) Small (11 x 7.5 x 0.5 cm). There may drag a card, his identity card, his notes and some rooms: the essential.

If your man is rather highly organized and can not make a purchase without arranging, till receipts in chronological order, would recommend the vertical leather wallet (110 €). He will have the opportunity to store at least eight cards in separate compartments, without counting the multiple pockets that presents the model. It will be delighted.

A color personality

For color, we let you choose, you know him better than anyone. However, if his style is simple or classic, choose a sober color: black or gray preference. Conversely, if a touch of madness dwells, then we recommend the two-color version (85 €), blue on the outside, red inside. A quirky detail that makes its effect!

It is a fact, there are as many styles of portfolios than men. For a faultless direction Lacoste where sleek models effortlessly seduce the male in search of a timeless ally.