How to Choose a PTZ Camera

PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom camera) camera is PTZ camera, rotating horizontally Pan-360 ° vertical Tilt-from 0-90 ° with the possibility of Zoom-Optical zoom and allows for monitoring in all directions, according to the type of camera we to cover serious perimeters as 1 km, 2 km, 3 km. The main advantage of this type of camera has high resolution and autofocus on moving objects and calculate the distance from the camera and automatically refocus to obtain a detailed image and at a time of exit of the object of sight, she again automatically returns originally programmed position and focus.

They can work as ordinary cameras and also as cameras videnoablyudenie mode day and night, there are models with built-in powerful IR illumination of security systems for night vision. Control of the cameras can be done in different ways-RS-485 / RS-422 bus-via DVR, PC, mobile phone or tablet. The purpose of this type of camera is best suited for large objects and places with a large perimeter tracking and monitoring at a remote visibility.

If you choose PTZ camera, this means that invest in “good vision” for observation. PTZ camera is selected after consultation with a specialist after the light spot to select the most appropriate one depending on personal requirements and customer needs.

The quality of the CCTV system is determined by the location of the camera and the appropriate lens. PTZ camera provides various options – such as presets and points or routes, types of alarms that would be useful in protection of objects and locating moving objects, also of forgotten belongings.

The market is oversaturated by PTZ cameras at low cost that are not profitable long-term investment, as they are with fine mechanics and these cameras are not like the ordinary. To achieve a 360-degree rotation PTZ camera has a constantly rotating components and a lot of engines that eventually depreciate, so we recommend choosing an expensive camera from an approved manufacturer to make sure that the camera will have a long life and its elements will not be ruined and amortized after a short period of time.