How to Choose Concealer for Skin Tone

What is a concealer?

The concealer is named after its area of responsibility, because the English ‘conceal’ means concealing or hiding and that is exactly what the small silver bullet does. With a concealer, you can hide dark circles, redness, age spots as well as pimples and broken blood vessels. Instead of tired, stressed and pale skin, a flawless complexion appears on your face, which is the basis for the perfect make up. In addition, the concealer visually lifts low-lying areas and gives your face bright accents. The concealer is more than just a concealer, it connects easily with your skin, so a perfect transition can be created by priming and make up.


What colors and textures of concealer are available?

So the concealer can unfold its full effect, you must make sure that you choose the right color for the different problem areas.


Green: You wish to cover hectic redness of the skin? Green concealer helps and also provides the concealment of red pimples and ruptured capillaries.

White, yellow and beige: A bright or yellow concealer is your private pick-me-up if you wish to cover dark circles. Dark shadows are a thing with this miracle cure of the past! Also leave with a cover up bright concealer pigment disorders, wrinkles and age spots. Laughter lines are allowed, they’re likeable!

Violet: With a violet concealer you lend your face vibrant freshness. The freshness is suitable especially for a pale, sallow skin color.

Blue: A blue concealer saves when the sun took a minute too long and neutralizes red points. In addition, it can be optimally applied to dark circles. Also a pink concealer hides dark blue shadows under your eyes.

Special: So-called illuminator concealer, pamper your skin with special, light reflecting particles that make tired eyes shine. Only apply this particular form as a final finish, after the remaining makeup.

How to Choose Concealer for Skin Tone

So the concealer works properly, you should always choose a shade brighter than your own skin tone for the optimal shade. Never darker, because that could, for example, highlight more dark circles, rather than hide them. Not only the right choice of color plays an important role when you apply a concealer, but also the texture of the small silver bullet. Make the consistency always depends on your skin type, if you want to achieve a positive effect.


Liquid concealer is well suited to purposeful cover dry skin and wrinkles. A powdery variant would only clearly highlight the problem areas, so apply the liquid concealer with dry skin.

How to Choose Concealer for Skin Tone 1

Creamy concealer gives your face a wonderful primer before you apply your regular makeup. A cream concealer is especially recommended if you wish to cover large dark circles.

How to Choose Concealer for Skin Tone 2

Powder concealer is for oily parts of the eye, because it hides shiny patches well.

How to Choose Concealer for Skin Tone 3

If you opt for the liquid concealer, you should use a brush or a sponge so the texture is best applied? There are also solid concealer in the form of stick, you can use them for sudden redness.


How to accurately use the concealer?

Caveat: choose an environment with natural light and align the mirror towards the light source, so that you get an unbiased result. Remember to thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying and to use a nourishing cream. Once the cream is dried, take for example when using a liquid concealer-a brush in your hand and dabbed selectively all pimples and blemishes. For dark circles, the concealer is applied to large area. Forget gently pat not under zones. You can then set up your usual makeup and apply with a powder for finish. For a particularly alert and open look, you can add a touch of concealer to the outer edge of the eye.