How to Choose LED Bulb?

Often our customers ask how to choose the trend of modern lighting – LED bulb. It’s not just about the luminosity or type of socket, the data is more important. What exactly are they? This will be described in the following. And we remember that with us will find the cheapest LED bulbs on the Czech market.

first Luminosity

It is logical that when buying LED bulbs in the first place, you wonder just how much light will provide. Luminance value indicates the number of lumens (lm).A simple rule that an increasing number of lumens of light is more intense bulb shines more. An indication of the number of lumens is provided in the e-shop in the detail of each light source and read it on the containers of bulbs.

Because the LED diode bulb, unlike conventional fiber heat up and most of the energy consumed for lighting, no you are not too important wattage, therefore, watts of power.

2. The color of light

Previously, we used the classic light bulb shone a little yellowish, it is typical for warm white color. With the development of modern light sources, the range of colors of light spread and it indicates the number of Kelvin. In practice this means that if you need LED bulb such as a bedroom or living room, until relaxation rooms, it is best to just warm white (2600 and 3 200 Kelvin). Into space as a kitchen or bathroom is recommended cold white (4600 up to 5 000 Kelvin), which is close to natural daylight and is suitable for normal activity. In offices and halls it is better then even sharper light with color white day (more than 5000 Kelvin), which has a slightly bluish tinge. From the foregoing, can be easily inferred that the more Kelvin, the color of light and colder namodralejší.

3. Dimensions

A very important criterion in choosing the course size. Specifies the height, length and diameter.

Fourth slot, thread

The size is related to how you can bulb LED luminaires to be installed, therefore what is the thread or socket. Because people often try to replace traditional fiber sources are typical LED bulb E27 (big thread) and  E14 (small thread or Minonky). For spotlights are again suitable LED GU10 bulbs. Thread type is indicated on the packaging and in the description.

5th IP protection

IP rating indicates how much protection from solid bodies and liquids. The more agile higher, the greater the protection. Bathrooms, we recommend LED bulbs with IP cover at least the 44th

6. Power supply

Most LED bulbs are designed for 220 V, but rather this figure always check.

7. Lifetime

On the packaging of LED light sources is mentioned, how many hours of light duration. Mostly it is a few tens of thousands of hours. Usually, the more expensive LED bulb , the life is longer.

8th color rendering index

Simply put, the index shows how the light source is capable of displaying different colors of illuminated objects. Vyjdařuje it stands Ra. A value of 0 are not displayed any color, with a value of 100 is a full color reproduction without distortion. Most LED bulbs have about 80 Ra, more expensive models have a higher number.

9th Scattering of light – emitting angle

Depending on where you intend to screw the source, choose this beam angle. A lamp or views to be suitable LED bulbs scattered light 120, but perhaps the chandelier is preferable to a higher value.

10th Dimmability

If you would like lamps dimmed, you need to buy a special dimmable LED bulbs.