How to Choose Luggage for Travel

Holiday is the best time of the year and the next trip is determined! Whether relaxing on the beach, sightseeing in the city or hiking in the mountains-to experience a successful trip, you need the appropriate basic equipment. The perfect travel luggage for your planned holiday is essential. Which suitcase variants there are, the right size for your stay as well as tips and tricks for packing can be found in this case Guide!

Case variants

Hard shell case

  • very robust, making it ideal for frequent flyers
  • protect from dust, dirt and water
  • Rollers allow easy handling
  • Disadvantage: heavier weight


Soft shell case

  • relatively easy when empty
  • very good for short trips
  • cheap to purchase
  • Disadvantage: not so durable



  • easy to use and rolling systems are very flexible
  • ideal for business or short trips



  • ideal as hand baggage
  • Compact and handy size, optionally with castors


Garment bags

  • guarantee a wrinkle-free transport of your clothes
  • Disadvantage when traveling by air: often provide insufficient protection


Tips & tricks for your next trip

A successful vacation starts with proper planning. Start therefore already a week before departure, to create a check-list to sort your luggage and to prepare. Depending on the duration of your trip and your means of transport, you should choose the appropriate baggage: air travel better opt for a suitcase or trolley and waive travel bags. These are ideal for better car and bus travel and are perfect “seat filler” in the trunk. Suitcase with wheels is good when you go multiple times, because they facilitate transportation a lot.

Small trolleys, which you can take also directly on board is suitable for a short trip. However, these may not exceed size CA. 115 cm (sum of length, height and depth). Since this size at some airlines may vary, check out best in advance with the airline or your travel agent about the conventions. Put away only the things you actually need during a flight in your hand. Watch out Please also pay attention to the requirements for the transport of fluids, so there are no nasty surprises before takeoff.

What suitcase size is suitable for a longer journey, you can even calculate with a formula. This is height * length * width (in cm) / 1000 = indication in litres. Who wants to avoid the sums before the packaging, can skip the trip days with 10 and get an idea how big the piece of luggage should be: in two days you should choose a suitcase or a travel bag with a volume of 20 to 30 litres, a piece of luggage for a week-long trip should have a size of 70 to 90 litres and for a two-to three-week (remote) travel you choose best travel luggage with a size of min. 120 litres.