How to Choose the Best Bed Linen

Since we spend about a third of our lives in bed, it makes sense to invest in underwear , as well as comfortable and beautiful, both quality and last long, as they teach grandmothers. We have many options to spot before a major purchase and the thing could captivate us, so here are 5 easy tips to choose the best bedding for our nights, focusing on four key topics.

The Yarn

The weight of the fabric, its indication in terms of thickness of wire used to create sheets, is no longer an absolute indication of quality. In fact, unless it’s a highly refined and very expensive fabric, handmade, maybe its heaviness is often indicated in a subtly deceptive: many businesses use double twist yarns and not premium or thicker yarn. This may result in a heavier fabric, less comfortable and less soft.
In the image above, you can see the double bed linen sets in pure American cotton high quality with Tartan by Bossi. (€ 130).

The Fiber

  1. The cotton, vegetable fiber obtained from capsules mature plants, is composed of 95% cellulose, does not irritate the skin and is very resistant to washing at high temperatures that eliminate microorganisms responsible for skin infections. In the image above the double duvet cover and pillowcases in 100% cotton Bjornloka of IKEA ($ 49.99).
  2. Theflax, generally more expensive, is a hypoallergenic fabric. The sheets produced with this fiber have greater ability to dissipate heat in the body and are highly absorbent, making it cooler. Besides the linen sheets do not retain the detergent residues and limestone. The linen bedding has generally a structure outlined, is less soft cotton and require a bit more maintenance, but pays off with a generational span. In the image above, the beautiful wrinkled linen sheets of lineBlow by Fam. These fine sheets are available in 4 shades of color – white, cream, rope and lead – and are also ideal for environments and industrial style shabby chic.
  3. Thesilk for its shape, similar to that of human hair is themost biocompatible tissue. Not surprisingly has for centuries been used as medical equipment for sutures. Is the smoothest of natural fibers, very cool in summer andwarm in winter. Offers good thermal insulation and Let the skin transpire. However, a few drawbacks: it is expensive, is obtained by worms, then not exactly animal friendly and requires greater care for washing, as it tends to turn yellow.
  4. To finish the mixed and synthetic yarnsare easy and resistant to creasing, particularly useful for the bottom sheet that buy comfort if composed of a small part of elastic yarn.
    In the image above the copripiumino double and white floral pillowcases , Rodbinka of IKEA ($ 59.90). This is a set of bedding satin matte satin, shiny, silky and comfortable. Lyocell is a fiber made from cellulose can absorb and eliminate moisture, ensuring a dry and comfortable.

The Plot

The “hand” of the fabric, its plot in weaving gives each woven a unique feeling. The linen and cotton have a dense weave, which will produce a smooth and fresh; super narrow plots, such as silk and satin, shiny, slippery and will be extra soft; and finally the yarn as flannel and mixed lures will have a soft texture and consistent, ideal for cold climates.
In the image above the satin sheets of cotton with floral print Bloom of Fam.

The Drawing Or Printing

Like everything else in the bedroom, the bed sheets play an important role in the aesthetics of the environment. Try to match the colors and prints with the rest of the furniture, or have fun creating contrasts of color, for a lively result. If you prefer to play it safe, choose white in all its shades, an absolute classic, or pastel shades that are convenient management and relaxing to the eye. But don’t deny yourself a complete original combination with strong colors and definite or special prints. Finally remember to pay attention to choose more natural dyes-treated sheets as possible.

In the image above the quilt cover and pillowcase in printed cotton series King of Zucchi. Below, the colorful sheets with solid corners in the series Pantone of Bassetti(the price varies depending on the color and part from 19.50 euros).

The Seasonality

Often you only how to use a type of bedding and flung it at a specific time of year, but also a Royal linen full buy heat with the right blanket, giving ambience and pleasant feelings even in winter. In the image above, the linen sheets sets of Zara Homecreates a warm, welcoming and relaxing.