How To Choose The Perfect Leather Jacket

This garment is one of the strongest investments you will make, a basic one that you will use year after year, as it never goes out of style and if it is of good quality it will remain perfect throughout that time.

Of course, a quality garment is not cheap, but with patience, you will surely find your perfect jacket.

I advise you, before throwing yourself for colors, shapes, ornaments and other, buy a perfect black.

The perfect match with everything and is suitable for any occasion.

Here’s the definition (how do I take care of you, huh?): Leather jackets with side zippers, large lapels and buckle at the waist, are called ‘PERFECT’

The most important thing in this search, is that you have clear what kind of jacket you want: Waist? To the hip? With tacks? Belt? Big flaps? Little? With collar Neckless?

Seriously, it’s crazy… I spent more than a year looking until I found mine.

I’ve created this table to get you a wire when it comes to searching:

Tip: look at girls who have the same type of body as you, when you are on the subway, down the street … So you will get ideas. I once stopped a girl in a store to see where she had bought her own hahaha.

Now that you have more or less clear what kind of jacket you want, it’s time to start looking.

Here is a list of websites where they usually have all seasons leather jackets: Stradivarius, Zara, Mango, Trucco, Sfera, El Corte Inglés (and derivatives) and of course, in pelts.

It is very important that you do not conform, do not spend 150 euros in a jacket that is “almost” perfect.Keep looking!

If you measure 1.70 and use a 38 or 40, you are lucky! Surely your search has paid off.

Now, what to do if season after season does not appear that perfect jacket (at a reasonable price)?

Then apply extreme measures.

In my case, I tell you that I spent more than a year looking, trying, looking at jackets, and nothing.

Mido 1.76 and almost all the jackets I had short … I also have enough chest, so I had to try one size more so I did not feel crushed (and that shows).

As I was clear as I wanted my jacket, I decided to try my luck in a fur and I must tell you that was one of the best decisions I have made.

At this moment, I intend to make pure and hard publicity (because I was very happy): in Monovar (Alicante province), on the main street (it is a small town, there is no loss), there are about 4 or 5 They make the clothes to measure. These shops are, without going further, the ones that make many of the leather garments that arrive in Madrid (quintuplicating its price). They are very professional and the finish is top quality.

In the third store I was going to enter, I fell in love with one of the showcase jackets.

When I entered, they told me that it was a new model and that they only had the one in the window, but that for the same price, they made me an equal to measure. So I took the measurements and made for me all the modifications that occurred to me (the girl had an exquisite taste).

I wanted a timeless jacket, so I asked that they remove all the little things I wore. They also took off my belt, lengthened the sleeves as well as the waistband in general and lowered my pocket so that they remained under my chest and not over. Do you remember the girl I stopped at in a store to ask where she had bought her jacket? Well, I had taken a liking to the design of it because on the back was like a kind of bodice, which fitted the jacket with a bow… So I also added that detail to the waist of mine. All that for the same price!

I know that now you are all asking how much the jacket cost me … Well I will not leave you with the doubt: 200 eurazos (I had not bought anything so expensive ever in life).

Now that you have an idea of ​​how much you can cost a jacket in a fur, I hope you are encouraged to go to them (by the way, a neck of hair can make a jacket more than 100 euros, consider it).

To conclude, I want to share with you some outfits, so that you can see that this jacket really can be used on any occasion: