How to Choose the Right Drone

A drone, you interested?Did you know that there are several quadricopters or drones on the market, and choosing the right is very important. Two categories stand out: the drones that are closer toys and those used by professionals.

I decided to explain how to choose the right drone for your needs and also tell you about the restrictions in Canada. And yes, some quadricopters can not fly anywhere and it is very important to understand these limitations.

Quadricopter drone or toy

Let’s start with the quadricopters category considered toys. There are many on the market right now.Some can fly short distances and others on longer distance. If you want to offer a drone to your children and introduce them to this new passion, I suggest you start with a drone that is easy to fly, but especially that offers easy to replace parts. We must not hide the fact that at the beginning you overwrite your device and you’ll probably break propellers or other important pieces. Several drones require an application on your smartphone or tablet so you can control it. The company Parrot has some perfect models for young people and affordable. So you can start with a small drone, as minidrone Rolling Spider, which is very affordable and will allow you to take your first steps into the world of quadricopters. You can fly a short distance, make him do tricks on itself and to climb walls with large wheels that you can add. The devices of the same type are not really as toys and the aim is to make them fly, without other goals.

When you are ready to go a little further, Parrot offers more drone and can definitely do more. The Quadricopter AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Parrot still remains a lightweight, but it offers you the ability to take pictures and video, thanks to an integrated camera. Of course, quality is limited, but it will offer some interesting pictures that will get your young people to have a lot of fun to record their flight sessions. Note that the battery life for this type of device, regardless of brand, runs about 10 to 15 minutes. So make sure you buy one or two replacement batteries you load in advance. With this type of quadricopters, you really a lot of fun to film in height. Of course, it remains a toy, so these are not the most stable drones when it comes to wind and weather.

Drone for savvy consumers

If what you want is a drone that lets you take high quality images you can use for small video productions, there are excellent choices that will not ruin you. Again, there are different models depending on your budget, but in general the drones in this category offer almost the same features. There are several differences between quadricopters toy and drones for savvy consumers. First, they are able to fly much higher and farther. The distance can cover a drone in this category can range from 300 meters to 2 kilometers. One of the drones who falls into this category is the new Bebop Parrot. Like previous drones of the same company, you can control it from your smartphone, it also offers a possibility of control from joystick.

But there are not only the Parrot company that offers quality drones. In the category of drones for savvy consumers, the company that helped popularize this segment of technological devices is DJI. This company has brought to market a very stable drone providing the ability to capture images and video, thanks to its built-in camera or using a camera GoPro. This type of device is perfect for the videographer or those who want to create professional quality videos. The quality of compact cameras that are on the market right now is exceptional. Want to see an example of a video taken from a drone and a GoPro? Here is a video that was filmed during fireworks. It is simply spectacular!

For Pros

Of course, if what you want is a drone that will allow you to do long periods of flight and give you the option of installing a camera type DSLR and control not only the drone, but the camera attached to it, this is now possible. By cons, this type of drone is much more expensive. They are sometimes called Hexacoptère aircraft or if they have eight propellers because they often come with a gimbal system with 360 degree rotation. Everything is for taking photos and videos splendid air, and from all angles.

Security Guidelines

The guidelines quadricopter between a simple toy and a pro tool to differ, but there are important things to know when buying a drone.

To use your drone legally, you may have to meet strict safety requirements, included in an exemption, or have to ask permission to Transport Canada. It depends on the type of drone, its weight, the use you intend to do and the area where you use it.

If your aircraft weighs 35 kg or more, you must request a certificate of Special Flight Operations before using.

If it weighs less than 35 kg and is used for recreational purposes, you do not need permission to use it.

For a drone that weighs less than 25 kg, it is possible to obtain an exemption that would allow to use it without permission.

One important thing to note if your drone weighs 2.1kg of 25 kg and you meet the security conditions of the exemption from Transport Canada is that for UAVs 2.1kg to 25kg you do no need to ask permission to use it. However, you must inform Transport Canada by completing the submission form. If you do not meet the safety conditions of the UAV for exemptions, you must request a certificate of Special Flight Operations. For more information, visit the following site:

Here! With all this information, you can now choose the ideal drone.

Remember, whether a toy or a professional drone, it takes practice to master perfectly the art of piloting a drone.