How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

Many women end up underestimating the power that a lingerie has in production, it does not appear under clothes.

How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Your Body Type

What is a mistake, because the lingerie at ThedressWizard influence directly on how the clothes will be in the body; where the right choice, helps correct some defects and enhance the silhouette. See below how to choose lingerie according to your body type. If you have:

Big breasts: The straps of the BRA should be wider (between
13 mm and 18 mm). Fabrics with elastane give more support
Generally, these bras are more strengthened at the seams. With income deserve attention: they must be lined to better support.

Small breasts: small breasts are corrected with padded Bras, Peel with foam and frame. That way, they can increase in volume up to two sizes.

Breasts away: To approximate the breasts, the market offers Bras with front adjustments. The result are bulky breasts and sexy.

Sagging breasts: Padded Bras shell with foam and frame give a beautiful raised on her breasts. In the case of small, padded bras and shell with a built-in bubble, which “pushes” the breasts upwards.

Very butt: Women with much booty, wanting to feel more comfortable, should choose wider and firmer panties, which offer greater support.

Little Butt: Women with less on the market already butt panties with “bumbumcasca”. It’s the same bulge of bras, but in shape. They provide the effect of lift and increase the butt, but more natural.

Wide Hips: Hips ask panties which no mark on the side, avoiding the chubbiness “jump”. Can be panties made of lightweight fabrics and with greater elasticity.Thin side panties are more indicated for skinny women and narrow hips.

Bun in the oven: To prevent the belly check on pants or dress, there are on the market, panties high with reinforcement in the abdominal region, which are great to hide protruding bellies.