How to Choose the Right Size Pillow

The Right Pillow Size

Most pillows are available in square and rectangular shape. Exceptions such as the abdomen sleeper pillow Ombracio of Tempur in butterfly shape proves the rule. The square pillow is the most common format. The standard size is 80 x 80 cm. However, Some of the models are additionally available in the sizes 60 x 60 cm, 70 x 70 cm or in XXL format 90 x 90 cm.Rectangular cushion, however, are 40 x 80 cm in size. However, the cushion covers are often tailored to the square standard format.

The height of the pillow is almost more important than its width and length. You decide whether the head and neck rest in the anatomically perfect location. The right pillow height depends both on the physical features of each people from as well as the personal sleep habits.If you fold your pillow habitually or cope knock in the middle, you should take this into account when choosing.

The Right Pillow size for Side Sleepers

For side sleepers rather a 40 x 80 cm pillow is in the square format. Only the neck and head should rest on the support pillow. In particular, the shoulders so freely sink into the mattress.The shoulders are the widest part of the body. If they sink into the mattress, which must be overcome for the support cushion height difference is lower as well. A square cushion can be pushed by movements in sleep under the body. The neck is then no longer in the optimal position and bends. The pad is not satisfactory.

Accordingly, the width of your shoulders will directly affect the proper height of the pillow. The wider your shoulder, the higher the pillow should fail. You can also easily measure even the height. Move in your usual sleeping position and measure the distance between the mattress and neck center from. You must remember that the pillow gives slightly under the weight of your head.

The Right Pillow Size for Back Sleepers

If you sleep on your back, you have to a certain extent be spoiled for choice. In certain circumstances, namely both a square and a rectangular pillow useful. They should be guided in the purchasing decision of your individual sleeping habits. Should it be used to having your shoulders lie on the pillow, you will be most effective for square format. The size depends on your shoulder width. Have very wide shoulders, a pillow with 90 x 90 cm is appropriate.

Lay but usually only with the head and neck on the pillow on, create better a support pillow in the format 40 x 80 cm to. Also in this case it is recommended that you measure the exact distance between the neck and middle mattress before buying. The trend, however, will need back sleepers a less high pillow than side sleepers.

The Right Pillow Size Stomach Sleepers

For stomach sleepers flat, square pillows are eligible, measure at least 80 x 80 cm. The height of the pillow should not exceed 12 cm. The Standard can also be found easily a matching pillowcase. But since the rectangular pillow formats are growing in popularity, with the manufacturers rethinking has begun. Meanwhile covers are increasingly available, provide the dual functionality. You can thus namely both a cushion in the format 40 x 80 cm as well as reflect in the size 80 x 80 cm. Such a multi-functional cushion cover for example, offer the manufacturer Centa Star, Dreamolino and Irisette on.