How to Choose Tie and Shirt

The necktie is one of the most important accessories in men’s clothing, such as the right choice and gives a finished look. If your face is round, wear tight ties with patterns that link down. This will prolong the shape of your chin. In his narrow face put a tie on which patterns are wider and spilled. It’s nice tie itself also is thicker. If you have a square jaw, must put their shirts with rounded collars. The knot of the tie must be thicker. This  will give it a more rounded appearance.

Monochrome shirts combine well with patterned ties, whether desenat is small or large. Note that in business occasions bright and strong colors are not preferable. Try wearing tips at combining different colors of shirt and suit tie has at least one of them. On dark shirts suits lighter tie, and if the suit is bright, it should be a shade lighter than him. When it is dark jacket and light shirt, the tie should be lighter than the jacket. This applies to the classic combination of black suit and white shirt.