How to Choose Winter Jacket

The choice of clothes for the winter, many of us now is twofold: to want to spend time in the worst heat, but also looks stylish and modern. True helpers for girls in this case are different jacket.

If you encounter a problem, how to choose a winter jacket from mensjacketsstore, came to him very seriously, as you walk in it is likely to be long – at least one season.

Arguing over which coat to choose consider three main factors: style, fabric and sewing quality of things.

Decide on a Style

When choosing a coat, you should not blindly follow the latest fashion trends. After coat – something unique, and you can choose, relying only on their own intuition and knowledge of the figure. For example, for a second season of fashion coats do not go “oversize”, which thanks to its cut male female character fragility special offer. But in reality such a coat suitable only high hudыshkam. Girls who do not fit the model parameters, “Oversize” becomes a kind of stuffed bag on his short legs.
Choose a winter coat can rely on general rules:

  • Miniature girls jacket, emphasizing shape, length below the knee;
  • Owners of size can draw attention to coat with double-breasted jackets smell;
  • Great physics girls look best in a coat-like style.
Fabric Matters

Thinking about how to select women warm coat, not too lazy to learn the qualities of different tissues. Winter is the best coat these types of wool, cashmere and wool like. To check whether they are ready clothes from these fabrics keep you warm in the cold winter before choosing one drapove coat, it holds up to the light and check the density of wool fibers split – between them there should be no gaps.

How to Choose Size Coat?

To choose the right size coats, go to the store in its very tight sweater, maybe even two. It is possible that in the winter should willy-nilly become a “cabbage” and put two or three layers of clothes.
Sleeve length winter coat should reach the middle of the palm, and the movement of his hands, nothing should interfere.