How to Clean the Skin with ACNE

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, usually during adolescence, although it can also manifest in adulthood. The genetic factor is one of its greatest detonating, however, other conditions as hormonal changes, emotional stress, poor hygiene, excessive use of products rich in fat and the intake of certain medications, can also give rise to his presence.

Regardless of the cause, maintain an appropriate facial hygiene is fundamental for the aggravating injuries and ensure a healthier skin. We explained to you in detail how to clean the skin with acne and homemade masks that will help you enhance the wellbeing.


  1. Clean your face with acne in a proper manner is essential to prevent more fat accumulates the necessary in the area, but it is also important to prevent injuries increase or get worse, affecting the well-being of the skin.

The first thing you should know is that it is essential to wash your face twice a day: when you wake up at night, when you have time to relax at home or before going to sleep. Why is it important to do so? For the simple reason that your skin accumulates fat and dirt while you sleep or throughout the day, including his own makeup, to not be removed, is in the pores of the skin and can become a problem.

This dirt and cosmetic products accumulate in the pores of our skin and if you don’t leave with a clean end up capping them, giving rise to a greater amount of pimples and increasing the presence of sebum.

  1. You know you have to clean your face twice a day, but can use any product? The answer is no, you should use suitable products for facial hygene of delicate skins like yours, so in a we recommend you use:
    • A soap or lotion doctor indicated by your dermatologist if count with a very pronounced acne. This type of account products with cleaning and soothing ingredients to respecting your skin and promote healing of pimples.
    • If you can count on a more simple acne, can use a proper cleansing lotion for oily skins that does not contain oils of any kind. This kind of products should always be based on water.
    • The natural oatmeal soap is also a great alternative. This cereal helps moisturize the skin, to reduce the discomfort and promote healing.
    • The clay soap green is especially suitable for oily skins and acne. Helps control sebum production, closing the pores and improve the appearance of the dermis.
    • Another natural option equally effective is the green tea soap, which helps control the fat in the skin ensuring an efficient cleaning.
  1. Once you have the product of your choice, then you must follow step by step recommendations from Theinternetfaqs for covering the acne using makeup:
    • Use warm water, never clean your face with hot water. Start to rinse your skin and then apply soap or lotion.
    • The product should be applied using soft circular motions making it possible to eliminate the dirt without causing damage to your skin. Never rub your skin, also do not use your nails or apply a lot of force.
    • Remove the cleaner with water.
    • Dry the face with a cotton towel giving soft touches. Never rub the towel against your skin, as this increases the sensitivity of it, remember you have a delicate skin, so treat it as such.
  1. Time to clean your face with acne is important to take into account some basic recommendations:
    • Avoid products with alcohol, unless indicated by your dermatologist, this type of dry skin and cosmetics can cause irritations.
    • Never use cream or oil to clean your skin with acne; they will increase the presence of fat in the face, and can make the problem worse.
    • Try to always use a clean and soft towel to dry your skin.
    • It is important to avoid touching your face frequently and that keep your hair away from your face. These habits increase the presence of sebum, increasing the problem of acne.
    • Use makeup and cosmetics suitable for oily skin, never use oil based products or your acne problem can increase.
  2. Daily cleaning is essential to take care of the skin with acne, but it’s not the only thing you can do. Some natural masks can help you control the grease on your skin problems, closing the pores and improve your appearance, so we recommend that you consult these articles certainly will enchant you.