How to Combine Your Shirt With Your Tie

As the previous Friday dedicate the post to neckties, today, I ask you do know How to combine your shirt with your tie? It seems lied that an accessory can give both of Yes; but it is that this is not one accessory either. A tie is very important within our look and if we do not know how to take it, can spoil all our appearance and give an impression of who we are mistaken. So, to avoid this to happen you, in this post I will give you keys so when you choose a shirt you always know what the perfect tie , and vice versa.

Rule Basic and fundamental that we start is, regardless of the style of costume, the important thing is try to harmonize both the suit and shirt and necktie colors as described in neckwear combination. Yes, I know that you for some this is atomic nuclear physics; but with these tips, we are sure that you end up being an artist in combinations of neckties.

We start with the easy, i.e. smooth shirts. The shirt that everyone should have in our closet, without any doubt, is a white. These shirts are timeless and in addition, if you’re that do not usually wear tie in your day to day, this is the best choice because it sticks with everything; You can go for ties patterned, striped or dark tones, what you want! That you mistake is the challenge. In addition to white, you also have the option to choose blue or pink shirts. They are great alternatives and, personally, I love how combined with ties Garnet or green blue are; and the roses with blue marine ties. But the best advice I can give is that you run bright ties or too lit colors.

The Important Thing Is To Try to Harmonize Colors Both the Suit And Shirt and Tie.

Striped shirts

Here we already started to get a little more complicated history. See, in striped shirts always there is a color that prevails or the key, well, because you basically have to look for a tie with the predominant color; peeeeeeroo that may not exactly equal, if not, both colors be confounded. You can choose between three types of ties. The first, the colorinteger that you do, simply, what I have explained before; Choose the predominant color in the shirt by slightly varying the tone. I leave the pictures so you can see it more clearly.

Striped Neckties

The next option are striped ties. This is a risky option, but that you will define as a man who pays attention to detail, giving a twist to your look. The main thing is that the tie stripes will reverse the shirt never in the same sense; i.e. shirt of horizontal stripes against neckties vertical stripes and vice versa. I show you in pictures, pass them.

Patterned or Polka Dot Ties

And the third option for striped shirts are stamped or polka dot ties. We started same, shirt has a predominant color so that If we chose a tie of moles, we will make sure that moles are the predominant color. If we chose a patterned tie, my advice is that you choose a print tie of a shade darker than the predominantly in the shirt. I will show you, it passes the images.

The Checked Shirts

And finally, the checked shirts. We have already spoken here of checked shirts, so it’s time to put a tie. A priori, it may seem difficult, peeeeeroo appearances are deceptive because the only thing we have to do is to always choose a whole color tie. Paying attention, only that if shirt pictures are of soft tones, choose a tie more strong color and vice versa. It passes the images.