How to Decorate with Picture Frames

When newcomers and need to furnish your home, you will surely join the interior and favorite photos or pictures of artists.

To do this in the most subtle way need to know some rules. There are subtleties that need to pay attention because otherwise there is a danger of harm to the interior.

First, consider whether the rooms need accessories wall. If there is too much concentration of furniture with lots of cabinets and shelves, as well forget about the paintings and pictures on the walls, because it would clutter the interior.

If you feel that the interior allows the arrangement of photos, choose those with superior image quality. If Your photo hanging on the wall, which flashing red eyes would screw everything.

It is appropriate to print images on foam cardboard, which is not affected by temperature changes. This service is available in the larger photo labs.

Recently a fancy decorating the walls with collages at

Should pay attention to the context. They must be matched with the image itself, and also with the interior.

Still life is appropriate to put in the kitchen. Corridor prefer small landscapes, portraits or still lifes with flowers. Family portraits are for the living and for the bedroom – tapestries, portraits of the closest family members, reproductions, intimate sculptures.