How to Dress an X Shaped Body

Curvy women with figure type X stand for femininity. Her small waist is the trademark and certainly preferred of the hourglass figure.

If you know (roughly) what type of character you are, can you more focused and easier reading. You know what suits your body shape. Today is the turn of figure type X. What makes this what womens clothing fits large sizes for the X type and what clothing should be avoided more, you can find that here.

The most important figure type X is the waist to emphasize with tight-fitting clothes (E.g. with roller-optics), high-cut skirts and trousers.

What makes the piece type X?

  • female curves
  • a narrow waist
  • wide hips
  • fixed thigh
  • great Po
  • big bust size

Here come the best styling tips for the character type X

5 fashion tips for the beautiful curves:

  • Emphasize waistand make it to the eye-catcher!
    Wear clothes that directs the look at your waist, E.g. short jackets or cardigans, widely cut trousers and skirts high waist slim cut (avoid Flounce skirts). Waist belts are doing great. Dresses and skirts can be worn perfectly in emerald.
  • Use the correct materials
    Figure is just right for the X-shape soft flowing materials, they play with the curves;apply to solid and stiff materials.
  • Elegantlyemphasize cleavage
    Also a round bust belongs to the feminine. If you show your cleavage, then pay attention to the rest of your look on a plain outfit. Otherwise use a beautiful v-neck tops.
  • Wear patterns with vertical lines
    If you are rather small,firm thighs and short legs, then it makes sense to wear styles that lengthen your figure with vertical lines.
  • What you should avoid
    Voluminous, loose clothing, makes unnecessarily misshapen your curves – just on waist and hip.

Plus size outfit tip for the character type X.

You’re dressed just right with your hourglass figure and your feminine silhouette with this snazzy look:

  • Straight, narrow high waist skirt
  • Blouse or shirt (in the rock)
  • Waist belt
  • short Blazer or short Cardigan

Do not hide your curves and curves. With this styling and fashion tips you put your femininity and character perfectly!

Do you have more tips & tricks?

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