How to Dress to Go to the Gym

With summer comes the desire to get in shape and the only thing that works is the gym!

Don’t make the tragic mistake of going to the gym wearing the shirt torn and baggy pants: even as you race keep your touch! Also if you need any more incentive to go to the gym, to show off your look could be a good reason!

To go to the gym gives you the double trouble: what to wear to the gym and what to wear while working out? In this post from you could find the answer!

Sportswear is allowed to go to the gym: a pair of leggings with an oversized hoodie will truly make you fashion. Use a colorful scarf to make your look a bit more spirited. Alternatively t-shirt and jeans with sneakers is the best way to get to the gym: avoid pantyhose (hard to wear in the gym locker room) or uncomfortable dresses you’ll never want to wear when you done a workout and you will be exhausted.

For training real rule is convenience: a lot depends on the type of sport you do, but always remember that in any case the freedom of movement must be featured. Always choose light fabrics and technicians: skinny models will ensure maximum comfort and agility. Bra-fitting undershirt with a strictly sporting and lightweight zip sweatshirt to wear during the heating phase.

If you go instead to run the park, remember that you will need to bring at least the house keys: make sure your pants or shirt have a small pocket in which to put them, even better if they have a space specially created to keep even the essential mp3 player.

Also to go jogging pants best remain skinniest ones or, in the warmer season, very short ones. Singlet lightweight and grippy in the warmer months, to be matched with a lightweight technical jacket that will protect from the coldest temperatures of the mornings of spring but that let your skin breathe and remember that the watchword is color!