How to Dress When You’re Pregnant

You are pregnant and renew your wardrobe scares you? No panic,we will give you advice.

What Cuts, Shapes, Materials and Colors to Choose?

Above all, your wardrobe should be made of practical clothing and essential. Essential are basic as jeans, pants and especially a jacket. The jacket allows not have a broken back figure by widening. Remember not too close otherwise it marks the size and silhouette appears destructured. Another tip, you have to form color units for a smooth silhouette. For example, avoid the black jacket with a white top and prefer a white or black for all the above. Similarly, choose tops slightly longer than usual, with 5 to 10cm more.

Otherwise, in terms of look in general, it depends on each. Women who work in banking, choose a set pantsuit. Others will dress with a top, jeans and tennis. Regarding materials, we must know that a woman allergic to wool for example, will be ten times being pregnant. And a pregnant woman hotter than normal. We must therefore choose soft materials, pleasant to the touch. Promote cashmere blends, silk or cotton and avoid synthetics that tend to sweat more. If you opt for a turtleneck, choose the cotton rather than wool. The sensitivity pregnant women is exacerbated when the watchword is the sweetness!

What Body Parts Can a Pregnant Woman Showcase?

First, neckline. This is the first thing that women show, especially 3 and 4 first months of pregnancy. Enjoy, because the skin is more beautiful, pregnant women really have a nice cleavage. The legs can also be developed. Of course, the belly is noteworthy. This is your asset during this period. We must “play” the stomach.

Can be Fashionable While Being Pregnant?

Absolutely, the goal is to have clothes that fit you, your style, your wardrobe should not change dramatically all. At no time, you have to feel bad about yourself. Very often, pregnant women feel that pregnancy clothes rhyme with shapeless sweaters or dresses outdated flowers. On the contrary, if you like skinny jeans, choose skinny jeans! Your belly is almost an accessory, do not hide.

Evenings are also the opportunity to wear beautiful long summer dresses in chiffon, recommended by Think of your neck, put it in value. It’s fun, but a well-dressed woman pregnant brand spirits, it will be remembered.

Is It Really Necessary to Buy Maternity Clothes?

Some women are able to wear their usual clothes but it quickly becomes unbearable. In general, women who do not work support them, but those who work need some comfort. Belly out more and more over the day and it quickly becomes unpleasant.