How to Format Your Phone Step by Step!

Over time, the smartphone is getting slower. This happens for several reasons. Between them and usually the principal, it is in full memory of your phone. Can be legacy applications, application data caches, photos, videos, and music, and even cell phone virus installed in the device memory. The only solution to all this, and to improve the speed of your smartphone is to format the cell.

Format Cell Step by Step

It is a simple, provided you respect all the steps below. If you are unsure, do not cell formatting. Remember: we are not responsible for what happens to your device. Who does not know what you’re doing you should seek a professional or an authorized service center.

First Step: Make A Backup Phone

Backup for Android devices: you have to activate your Google account, creating an e-mail in Gmail and registering on your smartphone. Simply access Android settings and look for the Backup option. On some devices, this option is under settings “Privacy”. This procedure, however, only backs up applications, and you can lose your SMS, MMS and device custom settings. Go also “Settings” and then “Accounts” by touching “Google Account”. Enable synchronization option and backup.

Backup for iOS devices: You can back up via iCloud or iTunes. ICloud, simply access for your iPhone or iPad in “Settings -> iCloud -> Backup”, linking the option (green slider). Touch “backup now” and wait. You must be connected to a wireless network to the backup is successful. In iTunes, tap “File”, “device”, “transfer purchases” as long as your device is connected. You will see the backup available from the iTunes menu (see how on

Backup for devices with any operating system: you can download and install Google Photos, Dropbox, onedrive the Box, and other applications to upload files to the cloud. Just choose which files you want to sync your smartphone with the cloud, and use a wireless network to upload the files, which may take a while. Remember that there are many applications available that make automatic backup of your data and release space in the device memory , just choose one in the app store for your smartphone.

Second Step: How to Delete Phone Files?

Erasing data from Android devices: go to “Settings” and tap “Storage.” Look for SD card. Touch Format SD card and confirm. Also in “Settings”, go to “internal storage / internal memory.” Tap formatting or erasing data from the internal memory, confirming. The procedure applies to LG mobile format, format Samsung phone, Motorola format, and format Android phone, either.

Erasing data from iOS devices: tap “Settings” and go to “General”. Tap “use and storage of the icloud” and go to “manage storage.” Erase all data that can, by touching the different options. ITunes, you can go by deleting the files that appear in the menu of your device manually.

Delete device data with any operating system: programs like PhoneClean can help you in this task. Android, Titanium Backup is one of the best applications for this.

Third Step: How to Format the Phone? How to Return the Phone to Factory Settings?

Back to factory settings on Android devices: go to “Settings”, “Backup & Reset OR Privacy”. Tap “restore factory defaults” and confirm, erasing all you can.

Back to factory settings on iOS devices: on your iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings”, “General”, “Reset”. Tap “Erase All Content and Settings”. In iTunes, go to the “Summary” pane when you connect your player to your computer, and click “Restore.”

Back to factory settings on any operating system: you can use applications for it. Some of the cited applications offer features for you to do this formatting and still recover your files later.

Fourth Step: Restore Your Custom Settings

In the last step, just register your Google or iCloud account on the device to resynchronize all of your settings and information. Using an application of your choice, just set it to restore the backup files, and end the device slow problem and have more room for other files and apps . Simple like that!

If you have got any questions, leave in the comments, and we will do our best to answer them!