How to Have a Romantic Clothing Style

A romantic look is a mix of classic, modern and feminist. It is something delicate and that highlights the look of women, their differential details that makes her different sex. It is more a question of valuing the natural beauty that use something to make beautiful woman. With this pompous description, is it difficult to form this look? The answer is no. Romantic looks are easy to make, just for inspiration in the classics.

We are not talking only in pink and lilac, despite being heavily romantic tones, but light colors such as beige, yellow, green water, baby blue and the like. Having a connection with romanticism, you are choosing the right color. So forget the neon colors, metallic and everything else that is connected to fad fashionista today.

Tips Romantic Looks

Lace dress with shoe social thin high heels – the income has a direct association with Romanticism, the classic fabric of the classics. He dresses well, is understated and elegant, and goes well in formal and informal events. The lace dress is a timeless piece, so it is worth investing in more than one model and will not lose money. White lace, pink, light blue and the like are a good tip

  • Pink silk blouse Tanks, black pencil skirt and high heels– this is an elegant composition for work and quite romantic and feminine. The silk blouse is timeless, even if it comes as a trend in some seasons. Silk is striking in the body, so use wider modeling blouse if you are not very fit. One tip is to wear a jacket or blazer for formal events at work. The pencil skirt always combines with high heels best, but you can use a sneaker.
  • Skirt and blouse draped short sleeves– the Draped stimulates a romantic look and is unobtrusive. The length is going to indicate which event it falls better. For day to day, the most suitable is a skirt in the middle of the thigh or down, not short. Remember that draped skirts, because of the light folds, has a lightweight frame and short are too indiscreet. Pastels with colored shoes to modernize the look are allowed.
  • Boot short barrel, jean shorts, shirt and jacket– the color is going to leave this romantic look. A clear pink coat with white pieces and a beige boot is the perfect combination, but other shades are delicate to compose the visual. The short jeans is great for any kind of event without errors.
  • Lace skirt and social shirt– with sleeve or sleeveless, visual pastel is feminine and elegant.The lace skirt brand quite the measures, so do not use if you have very wide hips. It’s a great piece for anyone who is at peace with the body, but also thins the legs if you have too thin legs or is very high. High heels or social sneaker are indicated in this look.
  • Tulle skirt with shirt– why not? It is a visual fashion and tulle has an angelic and elegant touch. But it’s a slight piece, so use models with short underneath or with a second exit. With tulle dress shoes without much detail and smooth shirts are more suitable. Round or oval bodies do not match these pieces. A thin belt can be added without any problem.
  • Jeans, lace blouse strapless with satin ribbon belt– you can create the feel or choose the model you already have. The satin ribbon on white or light fabric is an elegant visual break. High heels keeps the romance and leaves the blue wash jeans gain prominence too for being one weighs heavy. A clear shoe or color of satin ribbon at the waist (pink, why not?) Is a romantic and modern tip.
  • Overalls long legs, pastel shirt and high heels– is a cool and basic look for day to day. Choose fairer overall models in the legs to get the elegant fashion.