How to Keep Your Bathroom Tidy

Your bathroom is turning into a cesspool in which you do not find anything? No fear! Here are some miraculous trick to reorganize the space and have everything at your fingertips.

1.Use a rack to hold the rolled towels

Your guests will be impressed.

2.Organize a cutlery to put your toiletries

It will be much more useful for this task that abandoned at the bottom of the kitchen drawer.

3.If you do not have space in the closet rolled towels and put them in a basket

You will be surprised by the space you have saved by rolling towels rather than bend them as usual.

4.Put your bath salts in a glass jar

Perhaps it will not make you save space, but it will make the atmosphere very nice.

5.Create a raised section to put your jewelry using two turntables and a candlestick

To do parts from the base of the candlestick, apply glue and hold it down for a few moments in a plate.After it has dried supports another plate on top of the candlestick, always assicuralo with glue and wait sticking. Et voila!

6.Use of old vessels for a vintage feel

Will be perfect to keep your brushes and your pencils.

7.Retrieve a glove to hang on to reorder all the bulkier products

Hang it, for example, to the door. This way your products will be easily accessible, a bit ‘as if they were inside a cabinet.

8.Within your closet creates an additional shelf

This is perfect for organizing all of your products for facial care, from the whey cream.

9.If you have a lot of impilali products on a turntable like this

You just need to move it with your finger to find what you need.

10.Hang the hooks to towel rails stick to insert more and more space

It is useful both because it creates more space, and because the towels do not remain wet. If you live with other people, this trick turning your life.

11.Put a stick under the sink to hang the products to clean

This way you will not occupy useful space for your beauty products and you can find everything at a glance what you need. Who will ever remember what happened to the products to clean?

12.Within your locker hooks of storage

It is useful for smaller products that are dispersed continuously. The smaller, the greater the chance that you will lose the abyss of your closet. With this glove your lipstick will always be at hand.

13.Paste a magnetic sticker to your makeup products to hook them to a chalkboard

Save time because it’s all in the eye away and always know where to find what you need. You paid a lot of money for these eye shadows, you have to exploit them at every opportunity!

14.Take advantage of an old grandmother’s candy boxes to store your cotton balls

To give a touch of chic and vintage to your bathroom.

15.Snap the bottom of your locker a bar magnet to put your pins and tweezers

You never want to lose your lifesaving tweezers and your hairpins.

16.Put your hair products in a lunchbox

Here’s your new system to use a portavino that makes it easy to recover your products.