How to Keep Your Sleeping Bag

How to care for your sleeping bag

Sleeping bag or sleeping bag is an essential element within your trekking or climbing Mountain for more than 2 days.
It will allow you to wrap to withstand the low temperatures of the nights, which tend to be very low in mountain.
According to their characteristics sleeping bags can be of feather or synthetic insulating fiber and its filling as backing will depend on the level of thermal insulation. Since a sleeping bag not delivered you heat, but it will help you to that you do not miss your body temperature.

How to save the sleeping bag at home.

Sleeping bags should be kept out of its bag, Hung drawn or bent, but you should know that if guards your sleeping bag in your pocket and more if do you with system compression sacks, fibers, whether they are natural or synthetic are losing its structure and thereby thermal capacity in some areas of the bag decreases.

How to save and carry your sleeping bag

During your travel bag you must store it in its case, I hope that this will be waterproof if the backpack suffers any filtration with elements such as snow, rain or a river crossing. Since a wet sleeping bag can bring serious consequences during an ascent with low temperatures. Always store the bag inside the backpack and not outside.

Bag must save it with open and if possible turned, with the inside out.
Covers most sleeping bags bring your system compression so the sack occupies less space in your backpack, but after a weapons camp must remove it and open it, so let the air fits between the fibers, achieving greater thermal insulation.

According to PimaSleepingBags, sleeping bag should be kept dry, so to get up you must open it completely, so that the moisture that it contains is removed and thus the SAC performs its function in the same way the first night as the last.

Como increase the comfort of a sack temperature.

You can buy a sleeping bag Liner, are some savannas, so say it, that you enter to the sack and it gives you greater thermal capacity, likewise with their use you can prolong the life of your sleeping bag.