How to Knit Bobble Hat

Sweet Bobble: bobble hats not only warmer but make also still really good mood. With us, you will now find these instructions to the Selberstricken.

That you need: (for a cap of between 52 and 56 cm circumference)

  • Schachenmayr REGIA 6-threads
  • 150 g raspberries FB 06867
  • Double pointed needles of 2.5-3 and 3-3.5, 1 cable needle.


And A2zdirectory shows you how:
Knitting tension: With needles 3-3.5 in the large Moss: 23 M and 34
Rd = 10 x 10 cm. 2 M smooth left (each Rd links str) + 12 M
Aran + 2 M smooth left are 5 cm wide

2 M, 2 M left in the street

Basic pattern
In rounds after knitting font always repeat each Rd str, in the report.
Hat: Repeat the 1st to 16th Rd.

116 M to 4 needle needles 2,5-3 distributed beat (29 STS per needle) and for the rib 4 cm in the rib str. Continue with the needles of 3-3.5 str and 1 Rd 34 increases as follows str, with each large Moss with 1 M right start: * 1 M large Moss left crossed the Querfade str, 1 M left, 9 M, 1 M left from the cross stitch folded str, 1 M left, 4 x [1 M right crossed from the cross stitch str, 2 M right] , ab * 4 x large Moss, 2 M left, 4 x repeat, 2 M left, 9 M [1 M right crossed from the cross stitch str, 2 M] = 150 M or 6 x of the report of 25 M of the basic pattern. Now in the basic pattern 2 x the 1 up 16 Rd, 1 x 17 to 27 Rd 43 Rd St = Then 1 x the 28th to 46th Rd str, in each pattern repeat the Dec as well work 24 M after the 46th RD of the drawing =. In the 47th Rd M str, as they appear and right Tog 2 12 STS in the following Rd = 12 M. Cut the thread, pull through remaining 12 STS, 2 x, then merge the STS with the yarn, weave in ends. Cap height approx. 23 cm. Make a Pompom with 10 cm diameter and sew over the drawn together M on the CAP.