How to Make a Child Backpack

A tutorial for sewing that children take all their things to school

A few months ago, coinciding with the start of the school year, I made a tiny backpack for Nestor take her to the nursery with the four things that asked. You can find the tutorial on

As well, the four little things is they parcels more than what I thought, because between diapers, clothes seedlings and others, always took her butt and hardly could be closed. In addition, many cane has been in these months and poor backpack is having trouble…

For this reason, I decided to make him a new backpack, big and tough, but without losing that touch handmade that I like to give everything I do.

And this is the tutorial that I bring to you today. Warning, it is not a project for absolute beginners, since you will need to have some skill with stitching, but if I’ve been able to do it, with a little practice and following the instructions, safe that leaves you wonder.

The materials needed are as follows:

– Pattern, which you can download

– Fabric for the exterior, type cotton, pique or canvas

– Fabric for the lining, in this case I’ve used fabric laminated rubber type, but you can use the fabric you prefer

– Wadding

– Zipper 50 cm long

-Pieces of felt in various colors

– Buttons, snaps , or velcro to the handles of the backpack

– Sewing machine

-Our usual sewing supplies: scissors, pins, son, etc.

I wanted to use simple materials that we have at home for not too complicate the preparation of backpack, so to adjust the length of the handles intend to use snaps, buttons or velcro, but you can also buy a kit of those rings to adjust the handles of the backpacks or bags, and you can find in haberdashery. It will be a more professional finish that way, but I wanted to offer you an alternative if you do not find these kits.