How to Make a Clock

This is a very simple project. It requires no great ability, but the effect is breathtaking. And the pride that you did something for yourself. Since the clocks are available, I decided to make your own clock. Clearly notepad holder with sandpaper surface is smoothed well. Then thoroughly cleaned of dust. The surface must be perfectly clean. Now is the time to use the color of the coat. Apply one or two coats and leave to dry. Color on color memo pad owners. I painted blue, it will fit in the kitchen and have blue pushpins. Front plank painted a lighter shade and a darker side. Apply two coats of paint to achieve uniform color. Find a community center. How to make a round board? Place a sheet of paper and draw the outlines of the community. Then cut a circle. Fold them in half and half again. Development and site of the Community. Sheet bending lines indicate the center. Mark the middle of the board.

How to Make a Clock 1

How to Make a Clock 2

How to Make a Clock 3

Simple, right? Using a protractor, choose an angle of 30 degrees in a circle – a total of 12. Lead line from the center to the edges of the circle. You should get these twelve hours online. Then select the location where przypniesz pushpins. Measured at the same distance from the edge of the circle. Hold the paper so close to our lesson. Nails nailed dots in places, but not quite. As you probably guessed, they are instead of numbers per hour. Now it’s time to tear the paper. It will be easy because it’s just a piece of paper. Now end pin. Finally it was time to create a plan. You must have a user manual, you can get your engine. If not, then look at the picture above. Read more on