How to Make A Video Call by Cell Phone?

Make a video call Android a reality which brings a more practicality in their day to day especially with faster internet Mobile 4 g models or even over the internet, you can make video calls for free, without having to shell out some money for your carrier. You will need to make a video call by WhatsApp, or a video calling on Facebook, your phone has a front-facing camera (some support rear camera, but it’s better to the front), internet connection and one of the applications below suggested. Follow our instructions to make the video call with ease.

Skype for Android

Skype is undoubtedly one of the best app for video calls available on all major platforms, including Android. The application supports the use of the front or rear camera. You can make video calls on your Android phone using Skype to Skype. In addition to video calls, you can also make voice calls and calls to fixed and mobile phones using other numbers of Skype credit at a very cheap rate according to

How to make video call on Skype? Click the Skype application. At the bottom, has a “balloon” empty text, to open a chat with someone. Choose the name of the person with whom you want to make a video call. On page, where is the chat with the person, click the icon that resembles a camera on the lower left side of the screen and ready. If the person does not answer, just call again.

Yahoo! Messenger for Android

If your co-workers, friends or family members are using Yahoo’s e-mail service, then this is definitely the best choice to make video calls on your Android phone. Such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger also enables free voice calls, instant messaging and international calls at cheap prices. You can also send pictures, videos, and chat with your Facebook friends with this app with the latest update, it is still possible to write text on the screen (something similar to snapchat), and see the reactions of the person on the other end.

How to make video calling in Yahoo! Messenger? Open your Yahoo! Messenger application. At home, your Yahoo! contacts. Click the contact to whom you want to make a video call and chat page that opens, you will see an icon similar to a video camera. Click and make the video call.

Tango for Android

Tango is also one of the best video calling app for Android. It provides video calls and free phone calls. Unlike other applications of video calling, Tango does not require you to log in, making it easier for you to communicate with your friends and family. Tango also allows you to send personalized messages with fun animations, share photos and even challenge your friends in games during calls.

How to make video calls by the Tango? On the main screen of the application, find the person you want to talk about and click on her name. If the person you want to talk do not have an account, you will receive a notification to invite them to Tango via SMS. You can also add people by email address. After confirmed the addition of person in your contacts, click the icon similar to a video camera next to the name of the person. You can, within the call, even switch between the front and rear camera.

Viber for Android

The Viber is a simple application, interface without many details and very efficient. It is also a VoIP application, with attractive rates for anyone interested. The most interesting of the Viber is its compatibility, since it was launched until retired pro Symbian operating system, and can help you find an application to talk to relatives who don’t have updated their phones yet.

How to make video calls by Viber? Open the application and look for the contact. Click the name of the contact and you will see the option “free call”. As soon as you connect to the contact, you will see on the screen an icon in the form of video camera with the caption “video call”. Touch it and wait to start video call. Within the application, you can switch between the front and rear camera.

Whatsapp for Android

One of the most popular messaging applications not yet allows its users to make video calls with each other. However, there is something that it is possible to “circumvent” it, until the video calls WhatsApp be implemented.

How to make video calls by WhatsApp? In a group or in a chat with a contact, click the icon of “clips” to share files. This icon, appears the option “video”. Click this icon and record a short video to send to another person or group that you participate.

Facebook Messenger for Android

Finally, the popular Messenger for Android. Is the instant messaging application from the social network Facebook, the most popular among Brazilians. Besides enabling the exchange of audio messages, text messages and calls, free video calls came to give a special touch to the Messenger!

How to make video calls by the Messenger? Open the app and tap in any group or chat with a specific contact. In it, you’ll see a video camera icon. Click to make a video call.

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