How to Make a Vintage Nail Art


Nail perfectly lacquered, maintained and in some detail, is a business card for every woman, adult or teenager. The vintage style never goes out of style. To realize a nail art of this type, you will not spend big amounts or weaken your nails! Then choose your favorite polishes. Place them on a paper plate and use a small tool for punctuation (an acrylic brush, a toothpick or a ballpoint pen ). Opt for bright pink, the dark red and light green. In the following steps, here’s how a vintage nail art.


Make sure you have on hand:

bright pink enamel, dark red and light green

a brush

A top coat

A white enamel

To make a perfect vintage art nail, run the base coat with light green. Wait for the complete drying. Subsequently, with the brush, a ballpoint pen or one toothpick created three or four irregular patches of color bright pink, to form the petals of a flower. They do not have to be perfectly rounded and smooth, but quite far from each other. So, let it dry for a couple of minutes. Again use the tool marks to draw on a comma petals (or a parenthesis). Opt for red nail polish. For best results, alternate on nails fantasy vintage with other details as suggested by Vintageinconfidential.

The comma should be located from the center of the petals, to the open edge. On the other nails, created with the brush of white dots, with small circular movements. Wait drying. So, on your nails with nail art floral vintage, add the leaves. Dab and drag three points together in a triangular shape, the base near the flower. Therefore used the green enamel. So, let dry.

To complete the nail art vintage, run the top coating of the nails. Make sure you get a good amount of quick-drying ” top coat ” on the brush. Slide it over, without any contact with the under-glaze. These final steps, serve to avoid any streaks on your nail art vintage. Finishing the job, the small imperfections recede into the background, no longer notandosi. At this point, wait for three or four minutes for the settling of the enamel. You have just made ​​the magnificent nail art vintage. The advantage of this technique is the non-aggressiveness of the enamels (obviously good quality). Furthermore, it will be sufficient for the removal the classic acetone and a cotton swab.


Never forget:

Do not rush. Work with an eye for detail

Made nail art vintage after careful manicure