How to Make Apron at Home

One of the parts in the kitchen is the most indispensable thing apron, it is only thanks to him and underwear hostess is always clean and tidy. This can be purchased at any store, but pleasant just sew this attribute with his own hands.

For apron kitchen turned out beautiful hostess and served for a long time, you can purchase high-quality cotton or linen cloth. In addition, you need the following tools and materials:

  • Satin edging strip – 5 meters;
  • The color of the edge of thread and fabric;
  • Needle;
  • Chalk or pencil;
  • Ruler, scissors;
  • Safety pins;
  • Adhesive fabric;
  • Sewing machine.

The first step is to prepare all the details of which will be the future apron. For this acquisition, the fabric is necessary to arrange face-to-face until a knee. Pola products should be cut, then you to proceed to the yoke and belt.

Because the site is intended solely for domestic use, its production does not require compliance with the special.

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Accuracy. Here of why you can cut the basic details of the eyes with a ruler, pencil or pastel. Although it is still necessary to consider the approximate size of the chest, waist and hips.

After all the components carefully carved apron considering podgibok and bordering can safely proceed to their treatment. First something to reverse satin ribbon bottom and sides of skirt. This will require safety pins and sewing machine. On next, you need to scratch top yoke and side edges of the same process, the tape, which will serve as the top and lace.

For apron looked nice and clean, one-piece wide belt is necessary to glue fabric glue. Then it can get stitched upper and lower skirt – coquette.

At least apron sewn to the rear area, which covers the tissue adhesive and unnecessary seams. For it is necessary to clean the element by hand, and then stitched on the front side of the belt with a sewing machine.

So just a few hours can make a nice apron with his hands, which will last a long time mistress. Must also be noted that this product is not necessarily acquire the fabric in the store, because each house of unnecessary things that can It is a great thing for the kitchen.