How to Make Christmas Tree Balloon

Amazing idea to organize a Christmas tree with real grip on the ball screw and wheel tucked into a beautiful, glamorous party balloon inspire awe and admiration must be very careful, especially in the mounting screw bombce, to avoid damage. But when you succeed, the effect turns think. Very much! Template is available here download in basket balloon. Print it and cut it in black lines.

Himself prepare all other necessary materials. Printed and cut out the template on the folded balloon basket with orange lines. Finally, as shown in FIG.
Remove the basket from above. put their money in the lower basket to load the cart.
Using colorless glue on both sides bar cart with him! Measure two pieces of floss after every 15 inches. Take a piece of thread. One of its goals to put a piece of tape! thread glue one end of all in a beautiful basket! A piece of adhesive tape on the other end of thread and glue it on the opposite side. Then attach another piece of yarn in the same way as the other two corners of the basket! Smear glue the bottom of the second round. Put it in the basket with cotton thread and glue to the cart cotton. Remember that in the middle of the coin matting.

Dissemination of adhesive tape which is printed with shopping cart template.
Connect the strap around the edges of the basket. Leave everything to dry.
Remove the twine ball.

Hold the wire from the ground up for wheelchair rather than brand balls as you can see in the image. Mulin to cross in the center of the rack! basket should appear on the label, even without a ball balloon-prepare screw hole. Disk very carefully attach the center of the bottom of the glass bead, which will now on top. If you fear that an explosion blade, you can very gently and carefully drill a small hole in a million small drill. This is the hardest part of the project. Creating tag with a basket at the bottom of the skirt. Tie cotton threads of the screw. Pulled the balloon is ready to hang on the Christmas tree.

Get more inspiration on the balloon decoration at!