How to Make Your Eyes Shine Naturally?

The word “Eyeliner” is the Indian meaning of carbon. Since thousands of years, it is used by women as a natural eye care and makeup. Already in the ancient Egypt, women used the pencil to complete the look. An eye pencil, as well as eyeliner, is a pin that is used for the outline of the eye and the setting effects on the eye. It is the frame of the eye. Eye pencils here have a rather soft face and draw less precise lines. As a result, the coated line appears softer and also natural. It is intended mainly for placing the lid stroke on the Interior of the eye. So it is very suitable for the eyelid and can produce a more intense expression of the eyes. But it of course also can be used for the upper eyelid. To draw a thin line, the eye liner should be sufficiently sharpened. Most pencils in dark colors are available such as, for example, black or brown. These achieve the classic seductive look and should be avoided only in very small eyes. There they are also in other colors such as blue and green, with which allows you to emphasize your own eye color. With a light pencil, you can visually enlarge the eyes. Discover the wide variety of pencils here in online shop and make your eyes shine!

How to Make Your Eyes Shine Naturally


Difference between eye pencil and eyeliner

The eye liner is a pencil-like cosmetic pen in solid consistency and can easily dazzle itself and also can be applied to the water line. But beware that, contact lens wearers should avoid the emphasis on the waterline so as not to unintentionally rub germs in the lenses. The pencil is also much softer than the eyeliner in thickness. The eyeliner is more similar to a felt-tip pen, is therefore harder and paint, and also liquid. So the eye liner too long and not smeared, you can a fall back to an eye shadow base or directly a waterproof variant. Tips for beginners: start at the beginning with a soft pencil with sliding enabled mine to form, to exercise pressure and intensity.