How to Match Jeans Zampa

The bell-bottomed jeans are back in fashion. In the sense that now you can find them on the shelves of all stores because before it needed a treasure hunt.

I saw several mouths pucker committed in a grimace of disgust when I asked them, and now go back to each of them to make me apologize. Why should never have to go out of fashion, because it is the only model that dresses perfectly women with curves. So eighty percent of those Italian.


Fashion is known, is an ongoing to revisit the fashions of yesteryear. Perhaps because there is nothing left to invent or maybe creativity has been lost between the Chanel black, the suit woman Armani and pointed breasts of Jean Paul Gaultier. Or maybe because the inventions that would make women are unattainable so happy. I can think of for example ten denier tights that will not break down because of a cuticle or the silk that stretches alone.

But then every so often happens that the old times recurrence garments like jeans Flare and my heart is filled with joy.No, not because I want to mate promiscuously with all or smoking joints in the moonlight while someone plays the guitar. But why dress to perfection me and people like me who has Mediterranean curves. Why do I regret having to take this terrible fact: the vintage jeans are good for only 1% of the population. To those women without curves and with lean and toned legs. Do not get depressed but be pragmatic and choose other models of jeans.

Then finally a free trousers weight bias, shape, curves and cuts.

The bell-bottom jeans streamline the hips, legs and bottom. Hide any lines that curved legs sometimes take but most slender. On and on. Very high, very pure, distinct lean. And to make you understand the power of these pants, which I could not summon her, the queen of curves: Kim Kardashian!

No diet of mash or planing with Photoshop. Simply power the right trousers!


Here are tips for impeccable style.

  • Women with curves should definitely choose the flared jeanswith a high waist that also helps to lengthen the leg and disguises any swelling or softness in the belly button area.
  • What shoes match with flared jeans?Heels, wedges or stilts juggling. In short, all the models that will rise up from the ground of at least seven centimeters (and beyond). The shoe, however, must always be covered from the paw, or leave a glimpse of just a little ‘heel, which will be bigger and therefore more comfortable. A tip? Cognac-colored shoes are a perfect match with these jeans, especially if dark.
  • The hem should almost touch the floor so to still gain a few centimeters in height and lose more in circumference.
  • To remember the suffering of exaggeration that it is always better a paw contained above all in balance with height.
  • The dark blue is definitely the best color to buy. Why it is contemporary and helps to play with color contrasts, which is the leitmotif of the seventies.
  • How to match?Combine them with (almost) everything! The must of this season with the shirt in jeans must strictly be of a different washing. But even with a white shirt and blazer, the nail skin, a bon ton coat, a t-shirt soft. Since they are high-waisted, preferably mesh and so are sblusate in and left free at the back. They are calculated omissions that give an edge to your look. However, if the abdomen is not your strong point, well let the shirt covering the trouser waist. All fashions must be adapted to the type of physique that dress.
  • The accessory that makes it more chic? The hat Seventy style but mind your head: if too large to lower yourself in danger!


We come to the painful notes, here is the style falls to avoid.

  • For flared jeans philosophy of Valeria Marini is the best, never with the trainers , not even to go running.
  • Generally any head too sporty, such as fleece, is to be kept at a safe distance from the flared jeans.
  • The heels should be avoided like the tweet Flavia Vento.
  • fully exposed shoes nothing that would shorten the legs of Charlize Theron.
  • The low-rise models are reminiscent of the nineties and the University benches.They have the power to highlight the famous muffins effect and consequently give centimeters to the hips.
  • No a wide-legged enough to make you want to shove a circle inside.The aim is always to look tall and slim, right?
  • Extremely light washes have the power to give centimeters in circumference and more recall too the seventies.Especially those consumed.
  • The skill lies in the mix back in fashion garments with other contemporaries. A total look seventies fact might make you seem like just descended from a vintage store.


This year it is easy to find on sale jeans bell-bottom, are the protagonists in many fashion collections, such as those signed Mango, H & M or Abercrombie and Fitch. If you prefer to give online shopping, also taking advantage of attractive offers, here’s a gallery of photos from which to take inspiration for new outfits. All jeans are purchased on the popular e-commerce website Asos, prices vary depending on the model and brand, by clicking on the link you will find all the information on the purchase.

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I love to madness these jeans. I swore eternal love on the banks of the middle and our relationship came out unscathed from the temptation of the skinny and the goats. And what do you think? Love or hate?