How to Organize Your Backpack for a Business Trip?

A business trip is always a good opportunity to represent the company and still give a busy work routine by changing a little environment. These trips are usually short and always with important meetings or events.

In this way, it is essential to organize a good suitcase. This is a complicated task, since you have to take everything that is essential, after all you will not have time to solve unforeseen things and go out to buy forgotten items, but at the same time you can not take too many things and waste time packing several bags.

The ideal is to carry only a small suitcase. This makes it quick to check-in and can carry your suitcase for meetings and events if you do not have time to spend at the hotel before or if it’s a one-day trip. You may have a ready-made list to facilitate this process. The tips below will help you get organized better in less time, check it out.

Tips to organize your backpack for a business trip:

1 – The secret is in the basics. Choose neutral colors and easy to match parts. With different combinations you can make the most of every outfit you carry.

2 – Basic items such as chargers, headphones and cables should be well rolled up and in an easily accessible location. It is worth having a small bag of your own for this use.

3 – Separate the hygiene items to avoid any accidents. You can have a bag with small packages and always ready for the next trip.

4 – Make better use of each space. You can use the shoes to store socks and small objects, for example. Enjoy side pockets to store items you may need to access faster.

5 – Take copies of all important documents, as well as have photos of these documents saved on your cell phone and in the e-mail. Thus, you will have a plan B if an unforeseen event occurs.

To make it easier, Neo Danka has three models of suitcases that can be used as outdoor backpacks and are ideal for those who need to travel to work. In addition, it is possible to include the company logo, which can be a great personalized gift for a team that is always traveling representing the company.

The Neo Traveler model has a special notebook compartment up to 17 “separated from the clothing space. The hand and shoulder straps are padded, giving added comfort. In addition, the model comes with two external quick-access pockets, ideal for storing cell phone, keys and documents. Another great advantage is a specific compartment to store the handles when you are using the casters.

The Trading backpack is made of polyester plasticized and features a thermoformed EVA front pocket with small object dividers. In the main compartment you find an elasticated zipper to separate the clothes from the padded pocket, ideal for notebooks up to 15.6 ‘. The sides have woven pockets, where you can carry water bottle or other objects for easy access. This model, like the one mentioned above, also has room to store the handles.

In addition to these, Neo Danka recently launched the Neo Omni which features an exclusive notebook compartment up to 15.6 ‘, pockets, front compartment with thermal pocket, quick-access pocket, and has an anatomical and thermo-molded hand strap. With a distinctive design, it is ideal if you need a backpack with space and comfort, while still being formal.

Did you like the tips?

Now just apply them to your travel routine and enjoy the learning and business of your roadmap.