How to Paste Decorative Stickers

Today any decor includes adhesives. Then, we teach you how to stick them in the twinkling of an eye.

Step 1. Clean the surface
The surface in which you want to paste the adhesive must be pristine and smooth, so if it is a wall as a piece of furniture. If you have cracks, chipped paint or damaged plaster not opt for this decoration to the last.
Important: remember that once stick the adhesive will be very difficult (virtually impossible) detach it and store it in another place. Don’t forget that if you work with a large motif worth more four hands to two.

Step 2. Rub the adhesive

How to Paste Decorative Stickers
The adhesive is composed of a white protective paper, the actual reason and a transparent layer that covers it. With the help of a scraper plastic or, failing that, a used credit card, review the surface of the adhesive so that the motive and the Clearcoat are perfectly United. Gently start to take off the reason for backing.

Step 3. Place the adhesive
Place it where you want it to stick. Adhesive used to designate the points of reference in the wall and stick the adhesive according to these markings. It passes the scraper on the reason to avoid bubbles.
Important: at this point even the adhesive is to move if it has not been very well.

Step 4. Scratch with out
Review the surface with movements from top down and inside out. Press firmly so that no little graceful bubbles appear. As you stick the adhesive, get rid of the paper backing.
Important: remember that you must hold the part of the reason which is not yet attached at an angle of 45 ° with respect to the surface, as the pressure is which makes the adhesive remains subject to the surface and not the fact of support at the wall with the hand.

Step 5. Give it gloss
It becomes a soft cloth over the surface to smooth it all. Now you just have to admire your masterpiece.
Important: If despite your best efforts even some bubbles are visible, follow our advice: Pierce them with a very fine needle and disappear.