How to Perfectly Wash a Wool Or Cashmere Sweater

Washing a woolen and cashmere sweater is perhaps one of the most feared domestic activities.

How to Perfectly Wash a Wool Or Cashmere Sweater

Who has never shrunk a beautiful wool or cashmere sweater?(I will not lie by saying that it did not happen to me…)

It’s just enough a machine a little too hot to shrink one of my sweaters following Ehuzhou, moving from M to a good size 6 years old.

Let us try not to repeat the same stupidity.

In this article, I tell you all about how to wash wool and cashmere, how to dry and iron your sweaters.And I give you some tips to extend the life of your favorite sweaters.

4 Easy Steps to Wash Wool and Cashmere

It is often recommended to wash cashmere and wool by hand.

But good, hand washing is not the most motivating …

Good news:

If you are meticulous and have a good machine that is cold washed, it is possible to wash cashmere and wool in machine.

Even brands like Éric Bompard recommend it.Moreover, the brand of cashmere recommends this:

“Experience shows that [cashmere] knitting is more beautiful after many washes.”

Take your precautions anyway.Sometimes I’ve pulled a sweater down, and it’s not the best time of the day;especially when it’s your favorite sweater.

How to Wash a Wool Sweater in 5 Steps:

  1. Store your dirty sweaters without putting them in a ball;
  2. Machine wash at low temperature;
  3. Use a detergent suitable for wool;
  4. Dry your woolen sweaters in the open air;
  5. Carefully iron.

Let me explain this in detail.Follow the guide!

1. Before washing your sweaters and cardigans

The mistake not to commit is to put your dirty things in a ball in a laundry basket.

This damages the wool or cashmere fabric.The fibers are twisted by the fact that the garment is in a ball.And if you have wet clothes, it can damage the fabric even more.

So, I advise you to fold your dirty clothes well and put them in a laundry basket before washing them.

Now that you have enough clothes in wool and cashmere to wash, let’s move on to serious things:washing.

2. Wash a wool and cashmere sweater in machine

It is often wondered whether it is possible to wash a wool or cashmere sweater by machine.This is increasingly so;thanks to machines increasingly adapted to delicate fabrics such as silk, cashmere, and merino wool.

As a result, it is important to ensure the reliability of your washing machine.If in doubt, I advise you to go to the next section that tells you everything about handwashing.

And that way, no risk of damaging or shrinking your favorite sweaters and cardigans.


First of all, start by flipping your sweater (inside out).

In order to avoid damaging the material, I advise you to slip each sweater or cardigan in a laundry net.This avoids rubbing with other clothing.This is what most damages the wool fibers and pills the sweaters.

A laundry net is not always necessary.Here is what a member of the forum As a Truck advises:

“The sachets for delicate fabrics are only in two cases:
– If your fabric is likely to pill the bag, avoid too much friction;
– If your fabric is fragile enough to fear snagging or fraying in the drum.”

I have another tip for you:

If you do not have a laundry net, you can use the pillowcases.Simply slide each sweater into a pillowcase.(Beware, however, of colors.)

Whether you choose the pillowcase or the delicate laundry net, this will prevent you from having a cashmere or wool sweater full of pills.


It is important to choose the right laundry.

Most of the products used tend to damage wool and cashmere.

Do not add fabric softener or bleach.Make sure your laundry does not contain these agents.(It is common for 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 detergents to have these types of chemicals.)

So what are the good washings?

The four best known brands are:Mir Wool & Delicates, Woolite, Soupline Wool, and Parsley Wool & Silk.

Then, no matter what brand you choose, I recommend using only a small amount of laundry.

Wool and cashmere have fragile fibers.Excess laundry can damage these fibers.

Marthe, a fashion blogger, recommends using baby shampoo as a detergent:

“The most suitable product for washing your woolens, Woolmark, cashmere, angora, mohair etc … is simply a gentle baby shampoo.

Do not be impressed by its low price, because the quality of the result is impressive.Let us not forget that hair and wool certainly have molecules and common structures.A teaspoon of baby shampoo will do.”

It sounds like a great idea!In addition, baby shampoo is cheaper than laundry detergent.

For the most eco-friendly of us, you can also read this guide to do your laundry yourself.


Modern machines have many programs that are adapted to special fabrics.

The program suitable for wool and cashmere is often called wool, delicate, or wool.

At what temperature should the wool be washed?

In machine, wash your wool sweaters at low temperature:30 ° C maximum.

It is also important to have short washing.Wool programs usually last between 40 and 80 minutes.


If you choose to wring your wool or cashmere sweater, avoid slow speed (400 to 600 rpm), often recommended (wrongly).

Your sweaters, weighed down by the weight of the water, will stay in the drum.That’s where they go felting and pilling.

I therefore recommend spinning at high speed (1000 rpm).This will clamp the sweater to the walls of the drum.The water is well sucked efficiently, your sweater does not move and does not suffer any shock.

The use of a washing net or pillowcase will also protect the wool and cashmere.You will avoid lint and pills on your cashmere or your wool.


Now your sweaters are all clean!

Let’s go to drying, then ironing.

Then I give you some tips to lengthen the life of your favorite sweaters.

3. How to dry wool and cashmere sweaters

First rule which seems obvious:

Do not pass the cashmere and wool to the dryer.This is one of the things that makes wool and cashmere shrink.

There is another thing to avoid:

Do not dry wool or cashmere sweaters on a hanger.This may distort them.Your sweater has absorbed a lot of water when washing.This makes it heavier and the weight of the water may relax the sweater, especially at the shoulders.

So, what is the right solution to dry wool and cashmere?

Dry your sweaters flat.

You can put your sweaters on a cotton towel.This will speed up the process as cotton will absorb much of the water that is in wool and cashmere.

Be sure to keep your sweaters away from a source of heat.

In a few hours, your sweaters should be dry.

4. How to iron your wool and cashmere sweaters

It is not necessary to iron your sweaters.

Wool and cashmere are easy to remove.If you have them dry well flat, your sweaters should be ready to be worn.

If you want to iron your sweaters, here’s how:

As for ironing the T-shirts, I advise the central steam iron.

Iron at low heat (low temperature) so as not to burn the fibers.Also use a lot of steam, because it is the one that will wrinkle the wool and cashmere.

That’s it !Your sweater is all clean, all soft, and ready to be donned.

Before finishing, I would like to share with you some tips to keep the cashmere and wool longer.

Maintenance of wool and cashmere: Tips to extend their life

  1. It is best to fold your cashmere and wool sweaters instead of putting them on a hanger.This avoids deforming the garment at the shoulder level.
  2. It is quite normal that pills appear when you wear your sweater.

Moreover, the Paris Yorker brand explains that switching the sweatshirt helps to make them disappear:

“The pellets are usually eliminated after a dozen washes: the rolling of the drum of your washing machine will have the consequence of making detach the pills of your sweater”

Sometimes it is not enough. The grandmother’s recipe is then the disposable razor.Claire, a fashion blogger, advises :

“The disposable razor proves to be very practical and very simple to use.All you have to do is put your sweater on the ironing board and then shave the razor delicately by touching it, to avoid cutting the threads and making a hole in the sweater.”

  1. Moths adore natural fibers like wool and cashmere.For this, I recommend the lavender flowers.It is a great natural way to repel moths.
  2. It is not necessary to wash your wool and cashmere sweaters every time you wear them. Let them air.The bad odors will go away and they will again be impeccable to wear.Wash your sweaters and cardigans after three to five uses.

And here you are ready to wash your sweaters and cardigans in wool and cashmere.

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