How to Prepare a Perfect Makeup for Party

Whenever a party, most women care about, especially with the makeup you will use in the event. Now we’re facing the hottest season of the year in many regions, in addition to thinking about how it’s going to be the make, you also need to use some techniques so that the skin stays perfect for longer. Check out some tips:

How to Prepare a Perfect Makeup for Party

When we talk about a makeup for the party, we refer to an elaborate production, well made, well detailed. All that needs to be done using the right products and the right way. To start you need to sanitize the face, tone and moisturize. If your skin is oily, the indication is that change, right now, the moisturizer by facial primer. The primer evens the skin, reduces pores, controls and oiliness and fixed still better beauty makeup.

Then, we should start by applying the base of your preference for the entire face, covering possible imperfections and evening tom. Then, with a Creamy Concealer corrected dark circles and light some points of the face, as centre of the forehead and nose.

With a thin dust seal skin, removing the shine left the base. Who want to can bet on a translucent powder to ensure this matte appearance of the skin. Apply it in certain areas, the center of the forehead, Center of the face and Chin.

With a darker and opaque powder you can fine tune the cheekbones, temples, Chin and nose. After the outline you can use a blush to give that skin healthier. The shades of Brown, pink and coral burnt look good on various skin tones. The illuminator is also a resource to be exploited, therefore, apply a little bit on the side of the eyes, nose and Center a little bit on the forehead.

Then, the rest of the make you do as you see fit, choosing the shade you like. The important thing for the makeup lasts is always make the correct steps, using the appropriate products for your skin. Use a primer for the shadows, so the colors are most prominent and last much longer.