How to Prevent Dandruff in Eyelashes

Does the decades eyelashes weren’t in so much evidence, today they occupy a key role in a good makeup.

So worth staying inside of the many problems that can arise, which a lot of people have no idea, often really difficult to resolve, able to detonate the entire look.

Meet: false eyelashes according to the shape of the eyes.

So, the trick of is to take very good eyelashes to ever have to do with problems of type break, dandruff … and above all, to ensure the health, beauty, size and thickness of eyelashes.


Far beyond the cold, the winter brings too much wind, dry weather and hot baths, that end up contributing to a real mess in our body .

Therefore, those who have oily skin and dry eyes, begins to introduce itching, redness and formation of small crostinhas or flake, a common good and change worsening considerably with hot water and wind exposure.

Therefore, to make sure that doesn’t happen, the trick is to clean the area daily with cleaning lotions dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, or liquid soaps and creams of hydration in aqueous base.

If you’re already with this problem, the hint, in this case, is looking for a dermatologist who will analyze for the presence of fungi or bacteria. And may be blepharitis (inflammation of the glands at the edge of the eyelids) that causes flaking of the skin, usually caused by excess oils or even allergies.

Faded Eyelashes
OK, not really a problem, but who wants to have disrupted a make perfect.

However, tip, if you want to dye, even not to overdo it in the mask, but the procedure has to be performed by a designer of eyebrows or beautician who has experience in the implementation of the asset.

Never fall into the mistake of doing alone, at home, because the application may cause allergy.

And after the procedure, it is necessary the use of ointments dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested, rich in vitamins B5 and e, glycerin and natural oils like olive or almond, so there is no dryness.


And don’t think that dandruff is the only problem that can achieve the eyelashes, fall is a common problem.

And that’s because the upper eyelids feature between 100 to 150 strands that renew in phases, and may vary the density, the number and size of the eyelashes.

But, the fall or flaws in strings, can be blepharitis, makeup allergies, lack of B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc …

But, it’s worth knowing that the greatest cause of downfall is even the abuse of makeup (such as waterproof mascara), eyeliner or brands with synthetic pigments and preservatives that can cause sensitivity and allergy.

In addition, for those who don’t know, the makeup have validity, for example, masks, after open, don’t last more than 6 months and must be removed on a daily basis. NEVER sleep with them.


And another problem common good, although a lot of people don’t even imagine, is dehydration.

It is essential to hydrate them and nurture them to health of the eyelashes, so that the finest and dry or breaks more fragile suffer, with a tendency to fall.

The trick is to use the cream of the eye area, specific to this region, also very close to the lashes, or use, with cotton swab, a cream-based pro-vitamin B5, two to three times a week.

Many times the own dermatologist will indicate specific formulations rich in amino acids, Silicon, hyaluronic acid and other vitamins to be used at night or before the mask.

Exaggerate the Eyelash Curler
Because it is a very sensitive region, the eyelash curler must be used very carefully, and, of course, be kept clean.

And worth the tip, not everyone needs eyelash curler, only those who have medium, long and straight wires and, therefore, need to model them.

To use it you need to wires are clean and dry and the eyelash curler must be applied before the ciliary mask, to avoid possible breakage.

Most of the masks, when applied in multiple layers, let the hard and inflexible wires, which can cause a trauma leading to breaks in place of pressure.

And we must also be very careful when using the thermal curvex, it requires the same care, but twice so that the exposure time is not exaggerated and not end up burning cord or the skin of the eyelid.

It is only suitable for those who have short eyelashes, difficult to model, or for those very long straight.

Use of Poor-Quality Mask

The mask should be applied and removed correctly, but the quality of the mask is essential.

Not to affect the health of eyelashes, the tip is to remove all the time, but without rubbing back and forth movement.

The mask must be removed with the aid of lotion without alcohol or water micelle and soft cotton makeup remover, in a circular motion and repeated for two to three times gently when the makeup (mascara and eyeliner) is not waterproof.

But, you can never be too careful when mascara is volumizer and waterproof, it is advisable the use of oil and water two phase Makeup Removers.

But, the most important thing is to never fail to remove all residues before bed, and wash your face with soap and cleaning apply a tonic.

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