How to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Hackers and Spies?

Think for a second about how much of your life is on your smartphone or tablet. These devices probably have emails, texts, call history, contacts, browsing history, social media applications, finance applications, saved passwords, credit card numbers, personal photos, and more.

Now think about how easy it would be for a friend or family member to get your smartphone or tablet and “futicar” your information. Or imagine how a thief could easily steal your appliance, and access all of this information.

To make it worse the risks, there are malicious applications as mobile viruses and malware, which may try to steal your information and personal data.

Protect Against Cell Phone Hacker: the Constant Danger!

There are many risks for the safety of your appliances. That’s why you need to take immediate action to block your phone or tablet. Let’s look at the settings you need to change and the applications you need to install on your Android device, Apple or Windows to keep hackers and snoopers away

Protect your mobile against snoopers and hackers is essential nowadays, the best is that it is a quick and easy procedure to do.

Protect Cell of Spies and Hackers: Set A PIN Code or Password for the Appliance

You need to use the screen lock that requires a password to continue with a good password. This code should be something that is not easy to guess. Something like 1-2-3-4 0-0-0 or-0 isn’t going to work.

Apple devices do you set a password to lock screen the first time you use them. However, if you created a password for a while, maybe it’s time to reinforce it. Go to settings-> access code, to edit your access code. If your iPhone has fingerprint recognition, it still will require you to register a password.

For Android, go to settings-> lock screen to create a design pattern, PIN or password. You can try all three and see which one offers the best balance between security and convenience for you. Some Android devices also include facial recognition and voice release, but is not as safe. If you configure a default, make sure that is not an easy to type

For phones with Windows, go to the start screen, and then tap Settings-> lock screen to configure the access code.

In the configuration of the lock screen, to any device, be sure to set your device to lock automatically after a few minutes of inactivity.

Protecting Whatsapp to Hackers, as Well as Other Applications: Only Install Trusted Apps.

You can reduce the risk by installing applications from the main app stores: Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Apple iTunes and Windows Store from Microsoft. Apple devices applications and devices with Windows are safer. Have the Android, requires some care.

To make sure you don’t accidentally install untrusted Android applications, go to Settings-> Security and uncheck “unknown sources”.

Unfortunately, just because an application is in an official app store does not guarantee that it is completely safe. Do you still want to check reviews and visit the official website of the application to confirm that it is reliable and not a fake copy.

Even legitimate applications can get information from your phone that you may not want to share. That’s why you need to check the permissions of the application before installing it, to find out what information your appliance the app has access. The less information, the better in terms of security.

For Security Against Hackers, Activate the Remote Location and Formatting Aparleho Remote

If your device is lost or stolen, tracking applications can tell you exactly where the phone is. These applications also allow you to wipe sensitive information remotely. If your phone end up in the wrong hands, you can at least make sure that another person to access your information.

Users of iOS has the Find My iPhone (find my iPhone). To activate it, go to settings-> iCloud, calling the option “Find My iPhone.

Android users have the Android devices. To enable tracing, start the application, bind it to a Google account and follow the instructions.

For phones with Windows, there is the Find My Phone feature (find my cell phone). To configure it, go to settings-> Find My Phone, calling the option.

Keep Your Security Against Hackers on Public Wifi Networks

Public Wi-Fi is a smart way to navigate your smartphone without ending your data plan. But there’s a dangerous end: hackers like to infiltrate these networks to eavesdrop for valuable information, especially by public networks.

Stay safe, doing banking or shopping on mobile just at home or via mobile data network. You can also use Firewall applications for your smartphone or tablet, increasing security.

Clean Your Appliance Before You Donate, Sell Or Throw Away

Buying new phone or tablet? Make sure to completely clean your old phone before you sell or recycle it. You definitely don’t want the information in your phone from falling into the wrong hands.

I don’t just mean the exclusion applications, files, photos and videos. Hackers and other criminals can easily retrieve the information deleted. The three videos above explain, in detail, how to make this formatting the device.

Got any questions about how to keep your device safe? Don’t forget to update the applications from the device every time you leave an update, to avoid that a vulnerability in an appliance finish their safety.