How to Recover Deleted Photos from Cell Phone? Without Root!

We’ve all erased pictures, videos or files by accident. Don’t panic! You can learn how to recover deleted photos and recover photos deleted from the phone without root. Are several ways to recover your data, to recover deleted photos from Motorola, samsung, Nokia, LG and any other. The time is always essential: don’t store anything on your device or switch off until you try to recover the deleted file. Turn off your Wi-Fi and 3 g/4 g mobile internet so that no automatic update in the way of retrieving data from your mobile phone..

How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Phones Without Root?

If you don’t know what that means, your cell phone probably doesn’t have root. Once you have checked the obvious, how to look in the trash of your application, which stores files from your gallery until it is emptied, the next step is to connect the phone to a PC and run a file recovery application. However, there is a little problem with it: after version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), Android has abandoned the Storage Protocol, and some tried and tested recovery methods below will not work anymore. Don’t worry, though, because smartercomputing has a solution.

If the file (s) you are looking for were on the memory card, you can use a micro SD card adapter to attach your microSD via USB on your computer, or connecting to a card reader. Then download the Recuva program (you can use the free or paid version), which is a program to recover files. You can also use other programs, such as Coolmuster or Wondershare Dr. Headset (which asks for root, but is available for both Mac and PC).

Typically, for most of these programs work, your microSD card must be formatted as FAT32, NTFS or similar. If your memory card is not recognized for some reason, you can make a complete copy of your content to your computer, format the memory card as FAT32 and then put the files back.

When you run Recuva or some similar program, the first thing to do is to select the type of file you wish to retrieve: pictures, videos, music, documents, etc. The option to restore from a specific location is available and you can even set a specific folder to attempt data recovery. Just follow the instructions given on the screen by the program.

Important: when you finish recovering your deleted files, try to save them on a device other than that in which it was originally lost: sometimes, this can cause conflicts and hinder the recovery. So, if you are recovering files from your smartphone, save them on the hard disk of the PC and then download.

Preferably, always use cloud storage applications, saving automatically photos, videos and documents.

If the file you deleted was in the internal storage of the phone, don’t worry. If you have not yet activated the Android developers options, go to settings-> over the Phone-> Number of version/version and then tap the number seven times. Once this is done, go to Settings-> Options from a developer, and enable USB debugging function. You should now be able to use an application such as Wondershare Dr Phone to scan your device. and find the deleted files.

The above programs (and others) may also work for Windows Phone devices, and there are specific programs for iOS of iPhones and iPads, but may require you to do the jailbreak the phone, losing the warranty. Watch out!

How to Recover Deleted Data from Android Phones with Root?

There are several apps in the Store Play, but the best known are the Undeleter and the Dumpster, both simple and easy to use. The Undelete, another program, is also available for computers, and will help you a lot. The procedure is more or less the same with the applications. Although some are independent of computers, we recommend that you use a computer program to help and hold the lost files.

The first thing to do is to select the storage device from which you want to recover your data (may be internal or external memory). Then you search in the selected device. The process can take between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on its size and the amount of data stored. When finished, you will be presented with recoverable data in multiple tabs: files, images, music, videos, documents and files. Returns the data recovery to its place of origin, that is, where it was saved before being lost. This option can only work partially if there is a problem with your memory. In this case, use Recuva, Wondershare or another program of recovery.

If you were unable to retrieve the data, you can search for a coach, too. And search well before you go doing the maintenance by your own, because we are not responsible for anything that goes wrong on your smartphone or tablet. If the above programmes have not worked, it is likely that the file is gone forever.

How was the data recovery? Our tips work? Leave us comments!