How to Remove Apps from the Carriers?

You are using an iPhone or Android and is angry with the preloaded apps that are of no use to you. Mostly these applications installed operators. These are the so-called bloatwares. If you want to get rid of them and have a cell phone working better, we will be describing an easy way to disable or remove these applications from your phone permanently. For Android users, they can disable System applications with root access, but iPhone users need to Jailbreak your device and install Cydia Tweak that will help you remove these useless applications.

Removal Guide Operators Apps

If you want to remove the preloaded apps that are available on your Android device, then you can do this with any one of the following three methods.

First Method of Removing Apps Carriers

The preinstalled applications can’t be uninstalled as regular applications on their Android phones. The user has to block the preloaded apps or completely disable them by following the steps below:

  1. Go into the Setup menu of your phone;
  2. Then, tap the Application menu and you will see all the applications that are present in your smartphone;
  3. Tap any of the most used applications or regular, where you will find the uninstall option. But, when you do or perform the same action for an application of the operator, you will see only the uninstall-upgrade options instead of the uninstall option;
  4. Then, tap on it and uninstall all updates of selected applications. After you complete this process successfully, you will see an option to disable to block the applications where you did it.

The method above is not a true uninstall process for an application preinstalled. In this process, it will let you disable only certain applications so that you don’t lose important memory the next time you turn on the phone.

Second Method of Removing Apps Carriers

If you have done the root of your phone before, so the root process on your Android device will perform this action in which you can uninstall or remove all preinstalled applications completely. But, first of all you should keep in mind that the root process will cancel the guarantee of the Android phone. Watch out because you have to be careful not to delete system applications. Searching the internet, you can easily find a list of applications that you should not delete from your device.

There are several Android applications that allow users to uninstall or disable applications on an Android device with root. Choose applications that allow you to back up your data, since you so you can go back if something goes wrong or you delete an application by mistake.

Third Method of Removing Apps Carriers

This method is not used for normal users as it is very complicated. In this method, you install a custom ROM without applications from carriers. Is longer the process and you may have to install more than one ROM to find the ideal for you but definitely worth staying without those various applications that only occupied the memory of your smartphone. Test different ROMs and guarantee that you will find the ROM for you!

How to Remove Bloatware Preloaded Apps on the iPhone?

iPhone OS is similar to the Android operating system and an iOS device may also include many preloaded apps useless that most iPhone users don’t like. So they like to uninstall or remove them immediately. These preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled or blocked by any conventional means.

If the device did not suffer the jailbreak (unlock on the iPhone), so the only solution is to move all the unwanted preloaded apps in a single folder and hide them in a corner. And, of course, these worthless application will not be seen by your eyes every time you open a splash screen or access your iOS device for a long time.

And if you have done the Jailbreak on your iPhone device, you can then delete all unused carriers applications using a root method. But you have to be really alert warning that no one will be responsible for damaging the operating system of the device. You can also cancel the warranty of your iOS device after deleting all the useless applications. Then proceed in the process at your own risk.

It’s not as hard as it sounds and you will be a Smartphone user happier after this cleanup. If still in doubt, leave it in the comments so we can answer it as soon as possible.