How to Select T Shirts

How to select t-shirt?

T-shirt for small bust

A neck near boat neck or Sabrina neckline is women with smaller bust size particularly well. This horizontal line is the clavicles in the spotlight by the neck and shoulders are emphasized. In addition, the boat neck in women who have an A-figure balances a wide waist. Narrow V-necklines and slit-outs are also well suited for smaller bust.

T-shirt for big bust

An attractive décolleté set best with a round neck, V-neck, cowl neck or loin-Neck scene. Select the cutout shape opposite to your face shape: A round face is accentuated by a round neck, so you should prefer wearing a square or a V-shape. Edged, distinctive facial features, however, are offset by a round neck. Moreover, the longer the neck, the slender affects the character.

T-shirt for broad shoulders

Broad shoulders, you can compensate by vertical lines. Therefore, choose the best T-shirt with deep V-cut-or lapels. This means that your upper body is divided in the middle and stretched optically what the shoulders and balances your figure type benefits.

Select T Shirts

How to clean t-shirts with prints or sequins?

T-shirts singed by with prints, embroidery or sequins, you should always carefully clean. Turn your printed T-shirt inside out and wash the T-shirt is not hotter than 30 degrees. Sequins and chains can tear off in the washing machine or damage other clothes when the pieces interlock. Enter, therefore, the T-shirt in a washing bag and wash it well, less than 30 degrees. After washing, do not give printed or studded T-Shirts better in the dryer. Thus the motive remains on your shirt, you should turn it on before ironing and iron inside out at the lowest level.

How to clean t-shirt with sweat stains or defects?

In the summer of bright colors and white T-shirts are especially popular, but defect and sweat left their mark. If the stains can be seen even after washing, you will be most effective back to old home remedies: vinegar or citric acid, which would otherwise dissolve the lime out of the kettle, are excellent in combating deodorant and sweat stains. Soak it in diluted vinegar (1 part vinegar, 5 parts water) or in a stretched citric night and wash the shirt the next day normal. Be careful with bold colors: Test your T-shirt before use on a small area for color fastness.