How To Stop Hair Loss

Hello girls! In today’s post we will talk about a problem that can affect us all and everyone in greater or lesser degree, at some point in our lives; the hair loss.

Although men tend to be more affected by this problem, women also suffer it, so then I will leave with the most common reasons that make us dropping hair and some solutions to curb the fall. 1-do to ME falls hair? how much hair is NORMAL to lose daily?

Sure that at some point you have done these questions right? As well, we will try to answer them.

Every day we lose between 50 and 100 hairs, that is normal. If we noticed that fall us more, and we left clapas on the scalp, we have a problem.

The hair is subjected to a lifecycle with three phases: birth and growth (lasts between two and six years), rest (lasts about three weeks) and fall (lasts between three and four months). Hair comb or the pad’s remaining are those who are at that stage.

-I have begun to fall hair suddenly and not is why: When we suffer any alteration, more hair enters the phase of fall. That’s why between two and six months later, we suffer a greater loss.Factors such as pregnancy, menopause, stress, disease, exhaustion or poor diet, can trigger hair loss.

It is normal in certain phases dropping us your hair more account and that does not mean that we are going to stay bald. with the changing seasons such as spring or fall, it tends to fall more hair to make way for new hair. If the natural cycle is altered and not reclaimed hair within a few months, or that comes out is small and thin, it is very possible that suffer from alopecia.

-When we have to go to the dermatologist? There are three cases in which we will need a professional visit.

-Have clapas: If hair falling long we still have wide areas without hair, and not comes out after a time, we must go to the dermatologist.

-Progressive loss: Sometimes the fall does not blow, is more moderate, simply hair is falling us and we see that we do not get new hair or takes more out, something that gives a poor image with less density to our hair. One of the most frequent causes is the age that one in four women in general suffers a major loss at age 40 and one of every two at age 50. If we suffer this problem, we should see a specialist.

-Alopecia androgenetic: It is the balding men, suffering caused by male hormones, but which may also affect a 5-10% of women. If this is the case, the dermatologist may prescribe oral or topical treatment to halt the slide.

2-Power Ideal To Show Off A Healthy And Shiny Hair.

Although it may not seem it, good nutrition can help to stop the hair loss and help it to grow strong and healthy.

-Protein, fat and water: Proteins, either animal or vegetable (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, seitan, tofu, etc) and the good fats (oils, nuts) will help us to maintain the vigor of our hair. It is also important to drink water and stay hydrated through essential nutrient-filled fruits and vegetables.

-Vitamins and minerals: The vitamins, especially the B (liver, whole grain foods, sardines, nuts, beans, eggs), E (vegetable oils, nuts) and C (citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, grapefruit) are also necessary. Necessary minerals include zinc (seafood, lentils, green vegetables, lean meat), iodine (fish), chrome (liver, cheese, Brewer’s yeast) and iron (liver, red meats, fish and vegetables).

-Nutritional supplements: There are cases in which can very well come take them to slow the fall, although it is always better to consult a dermatologist so that it shows us the most appropriate according to our case treatment.

3-Products Cosmetics, Extra Help.

If you use hair products that include proteins, vitamins and minerals, we will not avoid dropping the dead hair, but we will strengthen those who are born and grow, thus increasing the volume and density of our hair. Tonics or blisters, are ideal products for seasonal downturns, after a birth or an episode of stress, since they have formulas full of assets which nourish the root. They do not make miracles but they can help a lot.

And that’s all for today. I hope that this post is you support and you can stop the hair loss in the event that you are experiencing this problem.

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Until soon beauties! A huge Kiss!