How to Style in Winter

Because it is (often) difficult to give in to the violent frosts of winter while maintaining a stylistic dignity, some tips for layering clothes with chic.

It is ever more perilous at this time of the year where, icy wind and gloomy sky, leads us inevitably to sacrifice the latter for the first to combine comfort and style. A trend against which we can try seriously to fight relying on layering, or the art of layering clothes with taste and subtlety. Explanations.

  • Rule # 1-multiply jackets

Difficult not to succumb to the call of the quilted down jacket when the mercury flirts with negative temperatures. We resist by doubling his majestic overcoat in wool cloth to a men’s blazer or for the less looking for a microphone down jacket like the one popularized by Japanese Uniqlo. The idea is to hide this second layer or, on the contrary, to play with the contrasts of colors or material history to bring bail additional mode to its silhouette.

  • Rule n ° 2-loosen up her suit with a thick coat

Your professional dresscode forces you to a rather strict outfit? Never mind, we pare his age-old pantsuit to a fine Merino Wool Turtleneck and it covers everything a thick coat, faux fur, for example. A twist that also works with the tracksuit, the new outfit fashionistas in Warm and cosy, it can become the key to a vanguard so look we upgrade to a high range overcoat. It’s all in the mix of styles.

  • Rule n ° 3-draw its belt

History to avoid encased like a bibendum packed under a multitude of layers of clothing, we adopt the reflex of the belt to emphasize its size and thus to structure its silhouette with subtlety.

  • Rule # 4-dare Hooded Sweatshirt

Not the zipped Sweatshirt isn’t just your retarded teen. It is also a good way of twister a holding a touch streetwear while having a little more warm. Agimmick stylistic that anglo-saxones have at least no trouble to adopt.

  • Rule # 5-show off socks

Winter temperatures must not prevent us to put on our shoes favorite, including the most open of them. We therefore put on thick tights or socks car, fashion is well done, it has never been also appropriate than mix open shoes and socks. A look at the last few shows enough to attest to that.