How to Take Care of Leather Handbags

Leather bags are a classic and belong in every well-stocked wardrobe. It complete any outfit and can be combined no matter by men or women-in the leisure as well as in the job perfectly. So for a long time pleasure in your stylish companions, you should note some tips for the proper care, cleaning and handling. Should I impregnate my bag? What cleaning products can I use? And how should I do the best, my bag should sometime have a stubborn stain? We have summarized the answers to these questions, as well as a brief overview of the different types of leather in this practical guide for you.

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An overview of the different types of leather

There are a number of different leather types and varieties: they differ according to the used species, purpose, type of tanning, or depending on the finishing or coloring. The most common species are cowhide, lambskin, as well as pigskin, because the leather is taken almost exclusively from animals that are bred for meat production. Regardless of the specific species, common types of leather can be described as following:

  • decked smooth leather with a water-repellent dyes and protective layer
  • Semi aniline leather-it has only a very thin paint and coating
  • Open-porous smooth leather (semi-aniline leather) is colored and very water-and dirt-sensitive. It has no surface protection.
  • Suede: Man distinguishes between nubuck and suede leather, depending on the processing. It’s polished and also open-porous leather with velvety surface.
  • suede leather handbag
  • PU leather, a foil-coated split leather with water resistant, shiny polyurethane coating with an antique look
  • Faux leather, which conceptually but actually cannot be taken under leather


Tips & tricks for maintenance and cleaning

Taking care of bags or garments made of leather differ in two points from the treatment of leather shoes: on one hand the area to be treated is greater, on the other hand the contact to the skin close and the danger of this stain is stronger.


Before you take the bag in use, but the first part of the proper care-the impregnation starts. The impregnating material is impervious to liquids and stand up to all kinds of weather and any downpour. The impregnation is also a protection against external influences, but also against stains, caused by contact with the skin.


Even if the leather has no visible signs of wear after some time, you should still regularly maintain it because the skin’s own fats which are contained in the leather gradually lost during regular use. Replace these important nutrients approximately with the appropriate skin care products for your type of leather every 6 months and ensure that the leather is still strong and supple. With bags, but rather to the color care products gods, it can rub off on your skin and on your clothing.


If ever a stain coming to your bag, please avoid the use of too much water: depending on the type of leather and impregnation. This may cause these new stains. Light stains are removed best with dry cleaning, so in a mechanical way by the use of brushes and cloths. This protects the material and goes fast. For stubborn stains, use best cleaners with chemical active ingredients. They can easily and selectively apply on the affected area, allow and remove the excess agent with a damp cloth.


Strong abrasion, fading, and abrasions you can refresh the original color with a so-called leather fresh again. Test the means best advance in a hidden place on its color fastness. After fresh up not only the color in a new light shines, the surface is sealed new. Larger scratches or fractures can also seal with liquid leather. This requires a calm hand, so that the result is not stained.


Even with proper storage, you can ensure that your bag looks long like new: stow it for best in a matching bag and avoid kinks and dents in the material through space in the closet. After application, you should leave the bag aired a day so that a possible humidity inside storage can escape. So you have guaranteed a flawless and practical companion for every day!


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