How to Test the Battery in Your Cell Phone?

Unfortunately, even if you take good care of your smartphone’s battery, it will degrade over time, and lose some of its cargo capacity. To know if your battery is still in good condition, you can adopt some procedures and tests, to ensure that it is still 100%.

Battery Test: Visual Inspection

If your phone’s battery is removable, just take it off carefully, after turning off the phone, and look for signs if fullness, corrosion near metallic terminals, and green or white stains. These are the signs that the cell is about to explode or break up with life.

If you find suspicious stains or if your cell phone has developed a part “steamed”, however, it’s a good idea to ask for the replacement battery for an original, in an authorized service center. And don’t forget to bring the old battery for this assistance, where they can make the proper disposal and recycling.

Manual Test: Rotation

Lithium-based batteries degrade with each discharge cycle. Eventually, a battery may swell if not treated carefully. This swelling happens slowly, usually over the course of weeks and even months, and a bump forms on the side of the battery, which can be very hard to understand.

To check if your battery cell is good, try to turn on a flat surface. If she stays running, meaning that one side already has ripples.

The most well known brands of smartphones manufacture their own batteries. However, look for information on how to find the original models, and do not be fooled by the fake batteries.

Note the Speed and Frequency of Battery Discharge

You can diagnose the health of your cell phone battery monitoring how fast your battery charge level falls. Lose 1% to 2% of the battery every 10/20 minutes, can be a sign that the battery is no longer good, and her life is over.

Battery Test By Applications and Commands

You can use an application like Battery Doctor, to monitor the health of your battery. Android users also has the function of extra information about the health of the battery cell through the code * # * # 4636 # * # * the phone also stores data on the health of your battery cell. Information such as temperature, battery health, and others, are informed on this screen.

Battery Test with Multimeter

You can test the voltage and charge of a battery by means of a multimeter, using the tips of the appliance at the poles of the battery. Just check if the voltage is as specified in the battery, checking. Do this with the battery fully charged. If the difference is more than 20%, it is a sign that it’s time to change the battery.

Run from counterfeit batteries. They have no quality control and may explode, literally, endangering his life and other people.