How to Use: Camera Bag

Photography has become a hobby very common among women thanks to the Internet and the praticities of a digital camera. The problem is that all the bags (which are more “malinhas”) made to carry them are always very ugly, masculine and coarse, right?I’ve seen lots of people wrapping a handkerchief on the camera to protect when it’s time to put it in the bag – that is, no one really likes the traditional purses.

How to Use: Camera Bag

Thinking about it, blogger Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook, in partnership with Kipling, has created custom-made handbags for these treasures we carry around. The idea was so well received that many brands have already created their versions.Good, right?At least we take the cameras with style!

At some spring/summer 2013 fashion shows in the Northern Hemisphere fashion weeks, we were able to see some bags that resemble camera bags. In Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga, for example. They are not camera bags themselves, but we can see that this same format of the bags has everything to make a lot of success here.

The camera bags come, in most cases, in unique and basic colors, just to match any clothes we wear. There are very small pockets, which are the ideal measure for cameras and larger ones with compartments, which also fit all our things (cell phone, wallet …). And the best option of handle for both types is the cross, so you have the free hand to take as many pictures as you want. Here at, the camera bags are padded on the inside, but they are the most expensive ones as well.There are cheaper options, super useful, but that demand a little more care with the camera, since they do not protect as much.

The recommendation is to match the color of the bag with some color of the clothes or the shoe, the same for the common bags. But I usually do not take that much into account. I treat camera bag as something independent of clothing, I do not go crazy wanting to combine it with something. However, this goes from each one. Many girls are not comfortable if the tones are very different. If this is the case, look for neutral color camera bags!

Where to Buy:To buy the Andy + Kipling version, just go to the AllBags website.Other beautiful versions of camera bags you find at Le Postiche and Adô.For versions closer to our reality, Julianne found two super cute models in Marisa and Renner.In fact, I bought a hopscotch from Renner for my Canon T3 and it fit (very tight, but it fit!).Narda also indicated an Ebay seller to make the purchase – and the purse is cute!

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