How To Use Leggings

A garment that should be wild or complementary, has become one of the essential essentials in the closet of every woman and is that you can not deny that there are those days where you are looking for comfort, a book and delicious coffee, but It is not always possible to have these relaxing day.

The leggings became an indispensable garment because the generation that works from home has arrived, this as an express meaning “Rest”. However, sometimes this word is misinterpreted by changing it by “unconcern” and this has become evident in street style, since it is not only applied at home, but on the streets, work and casual day.

It is not at all bad to wear them for different occasions of use, eliminating some in which they are prohibited, but you must always take into account certain rules at the time of use and that do not replace a pair of pants or pantyhose.

There Is Only One Textile That Allows Us To Take Them To The Office

The only leggings that can be used in the work are the polipiel, since they pass like pants, can be carried with all type of footwear and with the suitable complements they achieve a chic attire.

The Length Of Your Upper Garments Is Very Important

Always wear them with blazer, blouse, shirt or sweater of the appropriate length, this means that you do not see the pelvis or the back, but if this does not please you, you can opt for a coat.

Footwear Is Important

No heels, stilettos or platforms, are prohibited for this garment. Unlike sports, dancers, boots and booties with which you can play to create an incredible look.

No Crop Tops, No Bralettes, No Bodies

One of the above rules is the length in the upper garments, if these short are prohibited, those of this rule are unforgivable because we must remember that leggings do not replace a pair of pants and therefore can not pass through one.

No Floral Print, Animal Print, Or Tribal In Strong Colors

The flowers and tribal in cotton garments with elastane create an effect of greater volume and if they come in strong colors recharge too much the look. On the other hand, the animal print because of its difficulty when using it has as a rule loose clothing.

They Are Not Pantyhose

This point is important because leggings do not replace stockings, so do not wear under skirts, shorts or dresses.

Suitable Occasions Of Use

Based on, you can use leggings for the casual day, the gym, medical emergencies, home Sundays, roasts and excursions, taking into account the above rules to create an ideal outfit.